Melody And Company

The Cast

1.) Melody(The Little Mermaid 2:Return to the Sea) - Oliver

2.) Flynn Rider(Tangled) - Dodger

3.) Merida(BRAVE,2012) - Jennifer "Jenny" Fox worth

4.) Aladdin(Aladdin) - Fagin

5.) Shira(Ice Age:Continental Drift) - Georgette

6.) Rapunzel(Tangled) - Rita

7.) Mowgli (The Jungle Book) -Tito

8.) Eric (The Little Mermaid) - Francis

9.) Mr.Turner (Fairly Odd Parents) - Einstein

10.) Lawrence(The Princess and the Frog) - Winston

11.) Hades (Hercules) - William "Bill" Skyes

12.) Scar (The Lion King) - Roscoe

13.) Zira (The Lion King 2:Simba's Pride) - DeSoto

14.) The Ancient One (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2003) ) - Louie the Sausage Vendor

15.) Sophia, Young Tiana, Tipo, Kiara, Annie, Jenny, Leo, and Young Tarzan (Sophia the First,The Princess and the Frog,The Emperors New Groove,Kiara the Brave,Little Einsteins,Oliver and Company,Tarzan) - Oliver's Brothers and Sisters

Chapter 1

"Once Upon a Time in Tallahassee"

Our story begins as we see Tallahassee, Florida, being zoomed in. Tallahassee , however, is also the capital of Florida, and it's also always a busy town with lots of crowds, traffic jams, and crime. We then continue to zoom into Tallahassee as a male voice begins singing as a ukulele-like smooth jazz song starts up.

Male Voice: Now, it's always once upon a time, in Tallahassee,

It's a big old battle, a tough old time, it's true,

But beginnings are contagious there,

They're always setting stages there,

They're always turning pages there for you

We then see an orphanage with sign reading " Florida Baptist Children's Homes".There was an "Adoption Day" event going on in there. Also, one of the orphans was a girl who was 12 years old, had fair skin, long black hair tied with a green rubber band in a ponytail, and blue eyes.She was also wearing white pantalettes, a white camisole,and was barefoot.She's Melody.She was also one of the nine orphans left at the orphanage, while they were running around the orphanage lobby, while waiting to be adopted by new families.

Ain't it great the way it all begins, in Tallahassee,

A kind father then adopted one orphan, who had brown skin,brown hair,and brown eyes.She was also wearing a paper crown on her head and a green dress,Tiana.

What a way of making time and making friends,

Melody and all of the other orphans, except for Tiana, who was just adopted, then continue to run around like crazy until more new families came by to adopt them.

No one cares where you were yesterday,

A kind and gentle mother and father couple then arrived and adopted another orphan, who was small, 7 years old, had fair skin, wavy auburn hair, blue eyes, and an amulet around her neck.She was also wearing a crystal tiara, and lilac gown.Sophia

If they pick you out, you're on your way,

Melody then stumbled backwards as another mother and father couple arrived and adopted a third orphan, who was a small boy,had black hair tied up, wearing a green skirt, and was a little chubby.Known as Tipo.

To a once upon a time that never ends

Melody then ran forward with a forceful push by even another mother and father couple, who had just arrived and adopted another orphan, who was 16 years old,had pail skin,and red eyes.She's was also wearing a red t-shirt covered with a dark purple jacket,jeans,and yellow sneakers.Known as Kiara.

So, Melody, don't be shy,

Another mother and father couple, who were much gentle and kind like all other mother and father couples, then arrived and adopted a fifth orphan who was small, had blonde hair in pigtails, pink bows in her hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.She was also wearing a green shirt, a blue jean dress, and blue and white sneakers.She's Annie.Annie was also really happy about her new parents while being adopted.

Get out their,let go and try

A few days later,a nice mother then adopted another orphan who was small, 8 years old, had short red hair, blue eyes,and fair skin.She was also wearing a a sleeved aqua turtleneck, a white skirt, periwinkle tights and white sneakers.Jenny Soon, Melody, a sixth orphan who was small with green eyes and wears green glasses.He was also wearing a black shirt with an orange stripe, orange shorts,and black and white sneakers.Known as Leo and a seventh orphan who was small,muscular,had fair skin,brown hair,and blue-green eyes.He was also wearing a brown loincloth around his waist and was bair foot,Tarzan were the only orphans left.

Believing that you're the guy,their dying to see

Then, even another mother and father couple then arrived and adopted Leo, and a mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather arrived and adopted Tarzan.

Melody was then the last one left, but she wasn't upset that she was the last pick. Because she knew she will be next.

Cause a dream's no crime

Not once upon a time,

Once upon a time in Tallahassee

But sadly, she was horribly wrong.

If it's always once upon a time,

In Tallahassee

Not only Melody didn't have a candidate, but she then had to sleep in the orphanage in the rain that night alone.

Why does night fall find you feeling so alone?

How could anyone be star starry eyed?

When it's raining cats and dogs outside,

And the rain is saying, "Now you're on your own"?

Meanwhile, after many days of being orphaned, and still no sign of new families and "Adoption Day" events, she then went outside the orphanage, trying to get people's attention by talking to them.

"Please, take me. I don't have a home. Please," she said, sadly whimpering, but to no prevail. She then started to leave, crying. She also screamed as a strong wind pushed her into a drain. She then quickly grabbed the ledge and climbed up.

So Melody, don't be scared,

Though yesterday no one cared,

They're getting your place prepared,

Where you want to be,

Keep your dream alive,

Dreaming is still how the strong survived

A car then drove by, splashing her, making her run off in the process.

Once upon a time, in Tallahassee,

Melody then saw something that made her gasp in fear. Some dogs saw her and then chased after her. She then climbed up a fence to escape them, causing them to bark angrily for her.

Keep your dream alive,

Dreaming is still how the strong survived,

Once upon a time, in Tallahassee,

Lightning then flashed, making Melody jump in fright.

Keep your dream alive,

Dreaming is still how the strong survived,

Once upon a time, in Tallahassee

The song then almost ended as Melody relaxed and shook off her wetness. She then lied down to sleep, hoping for a brighter day for tomorrow.

And it's always once upon a time,

In Tallahassee...

Chapter 2

Enter Flynn Rider

The next morning, Melody was still asleep, until she heard the sound of a truck's engine starting. She then woke up grogily, and looked to her left to see that a back tire was about to run her over. Luckily, she got out of the way. She then sighed in relief.

"That was a close call," she said.

People were walking and talking everywhere; she'd never been to more of Tallahassee before. It was bustling with people and cars. Not to mention racing cars. Fascinated, she walked out from the alley she was standing in, and went exploring.

Then, she heard rap music coming from a Florida citizen, who was listening to a boom box and dancing to the beat as he walked.

Radio Male Rapper's Voice: You see da feet walkin' down da street in da fast lane,

Walkin' on da street where dey goin',

Just makin' a move tryin' to survive,

Find, away or not to stay alive,

Cool cat in a cruel world,

Knows good from bad, his mind is in a swirl,

Melody then smiled and danced to the song as it continued.

Got to look out and open your eyes,

If you're in a jam, you got to realize,

You're in da fast lane

Radio Chorus: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute,

Radio Male Rapper's Voice: You're in da fast lane!

After the song had ended, Melody stopped dancing, and smiled.

Then, a woman with her younger son walked by. The boy then letted go of his mother's hand, and pulled on Melody's outfit. She liked this, and then patted him on the head, earning a laugh from the boy.

The boy's mother then came up to him, and took his hand. "Come on, Ethan," she said. "You don't want to be late for school."

The boy then looked at Melody with a sad look.

"You can play with the girl later, Ethan. But now, we gotta get going. We're gonna be later than usual," his mother replied as she and the boy crossed the street.

Melody then went across the street to follow the boy and his mother, only to almost be run over by a car when she tried to cross the street.

She then quickly got back on the street, and sighed in relief. Then more people walked by her until she got out of the way. Then she heard a vendor pushing a hotdog cart, singing to himself. The vendor also was a fat man with white hair,pail skin,and brown-black eyes.He was also wearing a straw hat,a red shirt,purple pants,and sandals.He's the Ancient One.

"Hey, 'scuse me! Can't you see I'm pushing something here?" Ancient One then snapped at a man passing by. "Thank you!" he then said, and then he continued humming and singing. "Hey, come on, folks! Step right up!"

Just then, Melody got a whiff of the hot dogs, as she walked over to the cart.

"Get your hot dogs! The best hot dogs in town!" called out Ancient One. "A lunch-a-de-a hey! It's a beautiful day, eh? Come on folks, step right up!"

Then he started whistling, until he noticed Melody right there, sniffing at the cat.

"What the-? Hey, go on! Get outta here! Shoo! Get outta here! Go on, kid!" Ancient One snapped at her.

Across the street, a man who was also handsome,muscular, had fair skin, light brown eyes, and dark brown hair.He was also wearing a goatee, and blue vest.He's Flynn Rider.

He always had a cool remark about the present situation, and a charming attitude for ladies, even for some that weren't from his own country. In face, when she saw a teenage girl walking by, he just couldn't pass her up.

"Hmmmm!" Flynn said, tenting his fingers as he smirked devilishly. He then hopped up on a taxi.

The girl stopped at a street, waiting to get across. That was when she heard someone say this, which was, "Psst, psst."

She then turned around and saw Flynn lyinng on the taxi. He then made some obnoxious kissing sounds at her.

"Hey,Baby," he said seductively with a smirk.

An anger mark came up on the girl's forehead as she glared at him. She then scoffed and turned away, while walking off angrily.

"Ooh, la-de-da," Flynn hummed. She then noticed Ancient One, who was fending Melody off. "Well, well, well. Looks like someone's got a visitor. Could be time for the "Kingdom-Theif" to turn this into a total "Cat-astrophe"." he concluded with a smirk.

Finally, The Ancient One shook Melody off, and sent her flying into a garbage can. A banana peel then slid off the top of the garbage can, right onto her head.

"Let's just say you picked the wrong guy to get hot dogs from, kid," a voice said, sounding exactly like a cool person.

Melody then froze and spun around to see Flynn lying on another taxi cab on a trash can lid. She then stepped back and said, in a threatening tone, "You get away from me!"

"Whoa! Chill out, man!" Flynn said, getting on his legs. "I don't hurt girls, too much perfume. I've been watching you, and I think you're in serious need of some professional help from someone like me." He then got down and talked to her. "So, what do you say we team up and chang that vendor's mind about sharing some of those hot dogs?"

"Huh? Nu-uh! No way! Forget about it! I'm not going back there again," Melody explained to Flynn.

"Hey, it'll be a snap, kid. I'm an expert at these things. All you gotta do is learn some moves," Flynn explained.

"Moves?" asked Melody in confusion.

"Y'know, tempo. Oh-cha-la-ba rhythm. This city's got a beat. You gotta hook into it," Flynn replied. "And once you got the beat, you can do anything."

"I can?" Melody asked.

"Absotively posilutely!" Flynn said. He then pointed over to Ancient One as he continued, "The fat man you see before can be affectionately known as "Ancient One", a well-known enemy of the human world. Our mission, pal, is to liberate those all-beef kosher franks and hightail it outta here. Starting to feel that rhythm?"

"Well..." Melody said. Then, she looked down and thought for a moment, and she hear jackhammer rattling that got to her. She then exclaimed the next sentence with a smile. "Yeah! I do feel it!" she replied. "When are we gonna get those hot dogs?"

"Right... Now." Flynn replied.

The next thing Melody knew, Flynn was chasing her while trying to hit her with her Chakrams at full speed. She then was chased by her into Ancient One's outfit! While they were creating the diversion, which they didn't even knew what they were doing. Flynn then snuck by and swiped a rope of hot dogs, and wrapped it around his neck, and then trotted off, wearing the rope of hot dogs like it was a scarf.

"HEY, GET OUTTA MY SHIRT!" Ancient One yelled at Melody, who was still inside of his shirt. "I'LL GET YOU!"

After getting out of Ancient One's shirt, Melody jumped onto a mustard bottle, squirting mustard in his face. She then escaped through a hole in some plywood.

"GET OUTTA HERE!" Ancient One yelled angrily as he thrw the mustard bottle at her, but missed.

Later, Melody and Flynn came to a construction site. Melody was panting while Flynn was calmly humming a song.

"Hey," Flynn said, "You've really got that rhythm, kid."

"Yeah, I sure did," said Melody with a smile. "I was good, huh? Oh, and I forgot to introduce myself! My name's Melody."

"Nice to meet you.The name's Rider.....Flynn Rider"

"So when are we gonna eat?"

Flynn then stopped in his tracks, and looked at Melody.

"We?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm starving!" Melody said.

"Listen, kid," Flynn, told her. "I hate to break it to you, but now the dynamic duo is now the dynamic uno."

"What do ya mean?" asked Melody in confusion.

"What I mean is, our partnership is herewith absolved," Flynn explained. And with that, he hopped into a concrete tube that was being lifted up by a crane, along with the hot dogs still wrapped around his neck like a scarf.

"Hey, wait!" Melody yelled up. "Wait you're not being fair!"

"Fairs are for tourists, kid," said Flynn. "Consider it a free lesson in street savoir-faire from Florida's coolest quadruped. Check you later!" And then, after he said that, he then jumped onto another crane.

"Hey, wait! I helped you get those!"Melody shouted, chasing after her. "Half of those are mine !" She then snuck up onto a girder that was being lifted by the crane.

Later on, Flynn landed on the ground, and he began walking away as he hummed a tune. Then, he saw ahead Melody, who jumped onto a traffic horse in front of him. She wasn't shocked, of course; she knew what she was doing.

"You want 'em? Then come and get 'em!" Flynn said with a smirk. He then threw his head back, and then letted out an "Uh-huh" saying. "But I'm warnin' ya, kid." And then, after when he said that, he then jumped onto a car and stood on it. Then, he began to sing as a song started up.

Flynn Rider: One minute, I'm in Pine Tree Park ,

Flynn then jumped onto another car, which was next to a billboard with a painting of a Pine Tree Park scene on it, and he did a pose. He then jumped to another car as he continued.

Then I'm down on 32nd Street

Melody then jumped from car to car, trying to catch him. He then landed on the mixer of a cement truck and walked in rhythm along with the rolling.

From the bow'ry to saint marks, unh!

There's a syncopated beat

Flynn then jumped to the other side and rode the mixer.

I said, woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo,

Melody then got on the mixer and tried to snatch the hot dog rope from Flynn, but only to slip and fall into wet cement.

I'm street wise, I can improvise

Flynn then slid on the cement slide and landed on the wet cement and walked in it.

I said woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo,

Melody then gritted her teeth at Flynn, and then looked at her own hand (which was covered with wet cement) in disgust.

I'm street smart, I've got Tallahassee heart

Flynn then got out of the wet cement, and then put his left boot on a water stream, squirting from a hydrant and held the water in as it cleaned the cement off of his boot.

Why should I worry?

He then switched feet, putting his right boot on the water stream.

Why should I care?

I may not have a dime,

Melody then walked out of the wet cement sidewalk as she glared daggers at Flynn Rider, who now had both his hands to the water stream. Melody then ran after him.

But I got street savoir-faire

Flynn then unblocked the water stream, and the water then hit Melody in the face, sending her flying backwards.

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

Flynn then walked over a grate from which air was blowing upwards, drying him up a bit.

It's just be-bopulation,

Melody, now all soaking wet, then walked after Rider and got on the grate. She then felt the air blowing up and drying her off, but it kind of lifted her off the ground.

I got street savoir-faire, mm-hmm

Flynn then walked off the grate. He then got on his legs and shook himself dry, sending drips of water everywhere. He then turned around and saw something that made his fall over on his back, laughing. It was the unhappy-looking Melody, and she also looked like a big furball. She then leapt after Flynn.

The rhythm of the city,

But once you get it down,

Flynn Rider then snuck underneath a sunglasses stand. Melody saw the rope of hot dogs and smirked as she ran towards the stand.

Then you can own this town,

Melody then tripped by accident, ramming into the sunglasses stand. This caused the sunglasses to go flying everywhere.

You can wear the crown

One pair of sunglasses then landed on Flynn's head as he continued singing.

Why should I worry, tell me,

Why should I care?

Two teenage girls, one of them wearing glasses, known as June, and the other one with brown hair, known as Jane, then came to a crosswalk, and watched Flynn as they admired him. As he sang the next part, he walked like a cool dude.

Say, I may not have a dime,

Oh! But I got street savoir-faire

Then, Flynn jumped onto a piano, which was lifted by a crate. He then played it as he stepped on each key.

Why should I worry?

Why should I care, yeah

It's just doo-wopulation,

And I got street savoir-faire

June and Jane: Everything goes,

Everything fits,

Flynn then grabbed a bouquet of flowers and dance while the piano was still ascending in the air.

Flynn Rider: They love me at Chelsea,

They adore me at the Ritz

Flynn then threw the flowers down at them, who looked at him lovingly. Melody had followed him all the way up to a building, and onto the piano that he was still standing on.

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

Melody then got ready to pounce. She then pounced towards him and tried to grab the hot dog rope, but she just slid down the keys and fell down.

Yeah, even when I crossed the line,

Melody then bounced off a cloth roof, landing in a box of oranges.

I got street savoir-faire

Flynn then hopped onto a different car. Meanwhile, Melody then jumped onto a truck, following after her.

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo,

Two other teenage girls who were walking, one with dark-green hair covering her eyes, known as Barbra, and the other one with black hair, known as Mackenzie, then saw Flynn singing while standing on the car's roof.

I said woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo,

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo

Some other people then ran over towards him. He then lifted his sunglasses up, and leaved over, looking through the windshield and made a silly face at the driver. This startled the driver really good, making her come to a halting stop, and Flynn then jumped off the roof.

Flynn Rider and Chorus: Woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo,

I said woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo

As everyone sang, they all followed Flynn like they were all in parade.

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo,

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo

Flynn then leapt onto a fire escape that was in an alleyway. He then reared his head back and howled. She then landed in the alleyway, and passed by three girls, one of them with short hair with pink highlights, known as Rita, the second one with brown pigtails, known as Mary, and the last one with short dark-green hair with a purple headband with yellow zig zags all over it, known as Periwinkle, who sang along.

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo-hoo,

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo-hoo

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo-hoo,

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo-hoo!

The song then ended as Flynn continued to walk down the alley, and thought he had lost Melody. But Melody was up on a rooftop, watching him, and then she followed him to wherever he was going.

Chapter 3

At the Dock

Later, Flynn Rider was walking down the harbor towards an old run-down house boat. He lived there with a bunch of his other friends.

Inside the boat, however, were four other guys: Three boys and a girl. One of them was reading a book, another one was watching TV, a third one was sleeping, and the fourth and last one was having fun, somewhere.

The first one, however, was a small, 10 years old boy, with tan skin, dark brown eyes,and black hair.He was also wearing a red loincloth,and was barefoot.He's Mowgli and he was dancing to the song "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson while being heard from a nearby radio, along with holding a torn wallet.

Mowgli then hitted by accident the second one who was a 43 year old man with black hair,pail skin,and blue eyes.He was also wearing a white shirt with a black tie,blue pants,and black shoes.He's Mr.Turner,who was just sleeping for a little bit.

"Huh?" Mr.Turner groaned, waking up for a moment, and looking at Mowgli.

Mowgli then stopped dancing, and then tossed the wallet into a box reading, "Loot".

"Mowgli! Stop that racket!" the third male then scolded, who was handsome, black hair, and ice blue eyes .He was also wearing a white V-neck collared shirt, a red cummerbund, navy pants, and black boots.known as Eric, while he watched TV. "I'm trying to watch the show!"

Mowgli then frowned at him after when he said that.

"There would have been time for such a word," said a King dramatically on the TV that Eric was watching. "Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this pretty place from day today, and all our yesterdays have lighted fools, all the way to this dusty death!"

Mowgli suddenly then popped up in front of the screen, blocking Eric's view.

"Hey, whatcha watchin'? Hey, does he get the girl? I mean, what happens?" he chattered, earning an impatient glare from Eric.

"Shut it, you little rodent," Eric snapped, slapping him down.

"Hey, this stuff is boring. Come on, let's watch something else, man! I wanna see some action!" Mowgli exclaimed frantically. Fed up again, Eric then swiped at him, but he dodged. "Hey, Ernie, you're getting too slow, man! Ha ha ha ha!"

"My name is Eric. "ERIC"." replied Eric. "Not, "Ernie"... "ERIC"."

"No kidding, man," Mowgli said, on his own hips while glaring at him. "So, what did you bring in today, "Eric"?"

"It's none of your business, you pitiful little twit," Eric replied, curtly.

"Look what I've got!" said Mr.Turner , who just woke up from his nap while holding a broken tennis racquet.

"Oh, very nice, Turner," Eric said with sarcasm. "Now, all we need is a court and a net."

"You think this place is big enough?" Mr.Turner asked.

"Hey, come on, what we need is some good-quality stuff, man," Mowgli said, while taking another shredded wallet out of another box. "Check it out!"

"Oh, shredded leather." Eric said yet again with sarcasm.

"Shredded WHAT? It's a mint-condition wallet, man!" Mowgli snapped at him.

"Rubbish is more like it," Eric scoffed.

Mowgli then snarled at him. "Alright, that does it, Ernie, man! You insulted my pride! And that means DEATH! Ernie, Ernie! Ernie, Ernie, Ernie, Ernie, ERNIE, ERNIE!"

Mowgli's furious yelling and squabbling then caused the fourth and last one to stop reading it's book, which was a "The Little Mermaid" book. The fourth and last one, however was a girl who was 18 years old, with fair skin, light freckles, rosy cheeks, pink lips, green eyes, and 70.ft of golden blonde hair.She was also wearing a purple dress with long pink sleeves and a lavender bodice, and was barefoot.She was known as Rapunzel.

Rapunzel was also the resident smart guy of the group, but she got along with everyone else quite well. Most of the time, she was also the oldest of the group, and was also the only one around to keep them in line, like she was today.

"Calm down, you two." she said.

"Huh?" Mowgli asked, looking in her direction.

Rapunzel began to examine things in the box. A bunch of them were to collect things of value to sell for money. Their caretaker was an out-of-his-luck teenager and had been here for a long time now.

"Ali's not going to be happy about this, as well," she then said. She then looked at Gil Wood. "So Eric, you've got the food, right?"

Eric then sweat dropped. "Well, uh, no, I-" he stammered.

"Aw, Eric!" Rapunzel groaned. Mr.Turner and Mowgli then groaned, too.

"Eric, it was your turn to get the food today!" Mr.Turner yelled.

"It's newspaper burritos again!" Mowgli complained.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Cool it, guys," A familiar voice said. Everyone then turned to see Flynn there, at the open doorway with the rope of hot dogs. "I'd like to introduce you to... Your dinner! Hot dogs, a la Rider!" And then, after when he said that part and then after that, he then tossed the rope of hot dogs in front of the gang.

"Hot dogs! Alright, Rider, pal!" Mowgli cheered excitedly.

Meanwhile, on the roof of the house boat, Melody was lurking around as she walked around the deck, looking for Flynn Rider. And while back inside, everyone then thanked her for the hot dog rope she gave to them.

"You remain our preeminent benefactor," Eric praised.

"Yeah, and you're okay, too." Mr.Turner said with a smile.

"So, how'd you do this time, Eugene?" asked Rapunzel.

"Let me tell you, Blondie," Flynn said, "It was tough, only I could've done it."

"Did you fight, man? Huh, huh? Did you really fight? How many were there?" an ecstatic Mowgli asked.

"Picture the city..." Flynn began. "The crowds hustling, the traffic roaring, the hotdogs sizzling..."

"I love a good story with food in it," Mr.Turner said with a hot dog in his mouth.

"Now, Enter Flynn Rider  ; one bad thief," Flynn then narrated. "Not just out for himself, but community-minded. But he's not the only one out there. Enter the opposition." Rapunzel rolled her eyes as he continued. "A greedy, ugly, psychotic monster..." Mowgli then gulped in fear as his jaw dropped while Mr.Turner did the same. "With razor-sharp claws, dripping fangs, and two tails... All of them hungry!"

Up on the deck, Melody was still looking for Flynn. She then heard his voice from a plank, and went over there. She then looked through the crack, and saw him there and then she put one foot towards the plank. Unfortunately, the planks were weak and couldn't support her weight for long.

"He comes at me, eyes burning. I knew my time had come. Suddenly-" But before he could finish, Flynn's story got interrupted and Melody suddenly fell through the planks, screaming, and ended up tangled up in a cloth. The gang then panicked.


"Take cover!" Eric then screamed.

After everyone had taken cover, Rapunzel snuck a look at the lump squirming under the cloth.

"Well, what is this?" She wondered out loud, earning a shrug from Eric.

"Hey, man, check it out," Mowgli said, inspecting it as he pulled up the cloth a bit. A hand then slapped his across the face, leaving a red mark across his face, making her scream. "AHHH! IT'S AN ALIEN!"

Alouette then pulled the cloth up, revealing Melody. "Cool it, you guys. It's just a little girl," she said."Wow! That's so truly snazzy!" Mowgli yelled.

"Feels domesticus!" Eric shouted.

"Now, how'd you find this place?" Rapunzel demanded with a frying pan in front of her, while she was confronting Melody.

"I-I-I-I followed this man..." Melody stammered.

"SHE'S LYING, SHE'S LYING, SHE'S LYING, SHE'S LYING, SHE'S-" Mowgli screamed angrily as he jumped a lot.

"Oh, be quiet, Mowgli," Rapunzel snapped, kicking him backwards.

Eric then came up to the two. "Now why would a girl follow a man?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Mr.Turner agreed.

"Well, I-I just wanted some of the sausages I helped him get out," Melody explained.

"She's a spy, man! C'mon, let's beat her up. You're dead meat, girly!" Mowgli snarled at her as she used Rapunzel's frying pan as a spear.

"I-I saw him come down," Melody said, looking around. That was when she spotted Flynn.

"Hey, Melody. What took you so long?" Flynn asked. "Relax, kid."

Everyone else then started laughing at him.

"Razor-sharp claws?" Mowgli asked.

"Dripping fangs?" Mr.Turner questioned with a smirk.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Rapunzel laughed. "I kinda like those "burning eyes"."

"Hey, keep it down guys. The show's on!" Flynn said, watching a new TV show on the TV.

"Ooooh! Rider!" Mowgli taunted. "Top Thief needing help from little girl Melody! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!" Flynn then ran around and turned off the TV.

"Hey, Mowgli, uh- Cool it, pal!" Flynn said cautiously.

"Come on! Let's see some big bad boy in action!" Mowgli said.

"Hey, Mowgli, look!" Flynn said as she pointed at something. Mowgli then looked away from him. But suddenly....

"DOOOOOOOG PILE!" Flynn shouted playfully as he pounced on him, starting up a wrestling match while having Eric caught in the match.

"Oh, boy!" Mr.Turner said excitedly. "Dog pile!" And with that, he then jumped onto Flynn Rider and Mowgli.

"Oh what a bunch of overgrown-" Rapunzel complained before Mowgli kicked her in the head by accident. "Ow! Alright, that does it!" she then yelled, furiously.

Then, everyone, besides Melody, then got involved in the fight. Just then, someone came in, each one carrying three pizza boxes stacked on top of him. The someone who was doing it was a man who was handsome, slightly muscular, had tan skin, black hair, and brown eyes.He was also wearing a purple waist coat, white trousers with a yellow patch, a brown belt, a crimson fez on his head, and was barefoot.He's Aladdin

He then noticed everyone else fighting, and then he called out.

"Hey, guys! Knock it off! Enough!" he yelled loudly. The five friends then stopped fighting, and looked towards him.

"What's the matter with you guys? Don't you understand? Hades will be here any minute. And I don't have-" Aladdin started to explain but then noticed them all, except for Melody, running up to him.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Aladdin said in a scream, but they all tackled him, making him laugh.

"No, no, stop it!" He then laughed, as Mowgli held the pizza boxes.

"No! No licking!" Aladdin exclaimed while still laughing. "What a joke! All right, settle down..." That was when they all heard a car horn.

"Hades!" Aladdin then exclaimed with fear.

Outside the window, two figures marched down to the houseboat.

"Alright, alright! I'm coming!" Aladdin called to the car outside. "I'll be right there!" He then looked towards the group. "Listen you guys... Don't let me down! What do you got! Let's see what you got-" He said until he gasped as he noticed the ruined wallet, that Mowgli had got earlier. "It's worthless! What have you done? Oh, how are we ever going to pay Hades off with-" he then said before he picked up Melody from a box. "...A girl?"

Just then, the two figures from outside bursted in. The first one was a male lion with orange fur, emaciated and melanistic with a goatee, a black mane, and green eyes.He also had a scar over his left eye.He's Scar.

The second and last one was a female lion who had light brown fur, reddish-brown eyes,and also had a small notch in her left ear.She's Zira.

"Oh, look who's here, guys, company... Nice little fella," Aladdin said to Scar, about to pet him, who only snarled at him. "I was just on my way out."

With that, Zira then left the room from outside quickly. Laughing maniacally, Scar and Zira moved in to hassle Flynn and the others. "You boys... Missed us?" Zira asked evilly.

Meanwhile, on the dock, Aladdin approached a big black car, which had a robotic head on the top.

"Hey, Hades, I- uh- He's gonna kill me!" he then said nervously.

He made it to the car window, only to be blasted with a puff of smoke.Hades was then there in the car.

Aladdin then chuckled nervously. "Hello. Oh, lovely evening. I was just saying this to your two lovely friends of yours, and-" he began.

"The money, Ail?" Hades demanded coldly.

Now, as you all know out there, Hades himself was the most evilest greek god you could ever meet. He was muscular,had gray skin,sharp teeth, and yellow eyes.Along with wearing a black robe with skull garments,and had blue fire for hair.He was also looking at Aladdin in the eye while smoking a cigar.

"Actually," Aladdin said, handing him the box of junk, "I've got you something much better than money!" He went on speaking, even though Hades had rolled up his window.

"Yeah. Some luxury items... that should make a significant dent in our debt to you. Oh, you waxed your car didn't you? Did they use the buffer, because I can see myself in it!"

Hades then picked up the ruined wallet, which ripped. A twenty-dollar bill then fell onto his lap.

"Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy," Hades said in annoyance, knowing that the twenty dollars would not cut it. He then rolled down his window and shoved the box of junk in Aladdin's face (but kept the dollar bill). "I don't want your GARBAGE, Ail!" he then snapped.

"Come on!" Aladdin begged. "Oh, please, Lord Hades! Oh please..."

"I don't think you grasp..." Hades then said as he opened the car door to bum cigar ashes on Aladdin's foot. "...the very severity of the situation." He then slammed the door.

"Oh, no!" Aladdin cried, trying not to fall off the side of the pier by grabbing the side view mirror of the car. "Oh, no, no! I did grasp it... This is how my grasp looks!" The mirror then broke off and fell into the water, almost taking him along with it. This even made him yelp nervously.

"Accident, accident. Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo, it was an accident!" Aladdin told him. Just then Hades grabbed him with his hand.

"Ali?" Hades asked angrily, pulling him closer.

"Sorry," Aladdin apologized nervously.

"Now, I lent you money, and I don't see it it, Ali" Hades said as he letted go of Aladdin and rolled up the window, choking him. "Do you know what happens when I don't see my money? People get hurt. People like you... get hurt."

He then puffed more smoke in his eyes, making him teary-eyed, and coughed. "Do I make myself CLEAR?" Also, when he said that, he rolled the window tighter, still choking Aladdin.

"Clear!" Aladdin squeaked in a wheezy voice while Hades was choking him. "Perfectly clear!"

Back in the houseboat, Scar was hitting on Rapunzel.

"You know, Goldie," Scar said to her, "I just can't figure out why you'd rather hang around a dump like this when you could be living uptown, with a class-act, like me."

"Isn't it rather dangerous to use one's entire vocabulary in a single sentence?" Eric asked Scar with a smirk.

"Hey, Ernie! Get down, brother! Ha ha! You bad!" Mowgli said, giving him a hi-five.

Eric then smiled proudly at him. He then turned to see Zira directly in his face.

"Hey, you've got something to say to me, plant-boy?" Zira then snarled at Eric who stammered nervously.

"Hey, come on! You guys don't scare me! I'll kill you both!" Mowgli yelled angrily. Mr.Turner grabbed him by his hair and then held him back towards him. "C'mon! Lemme at 'em!" Mowgli then growled as Mr.Turner said, "Mowgli, no!"

"Ha, ha," Scar said with a smirk, "Go ahead. Let 'er go, Turner." "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Mr.Turner then snapped.

"Like you, dumb brains?" Zira asked angrily, coming directly in his face.

"Hey, Zira, Zira," Flynn said. He then kicked the TV, sending it flying into a corner and falling apart. "See? I find THAT funny!" He then laughed.

Back outside, Aladdin as being reduced to begging on his knees for more time to cough up the money.

"Oh, please," Aladdin begged, while crying. "Oh, please, oh, PLEASE!"

Hades then puffed up another small cloud of smoke, then saying, "Three sunrises... Three sunsets... Three days, Ail." he said, looking at him with an evil glare as he held up three fingers.

"Three sunrises... Three sunsets... Three days," Aladdin said as he counted, then multiplied. "Three, three, three... That's nine." He then looked at Hades with hope. "Nine?"

"No, Ali. Three," Hades responded.

"Three?" Aladdin asked in shock. He then spoke miserably. "Oh, you mean... just three days, oh, my goodness!" Then he wailed in a dramatic, silly way and yelled, "OH, I'M HAVING A BAD DAY!"

Hades rolled his eyes in annoyance, and then he honked the car horn; as a signal for Zira and Scar to come back. The horn then scared Aladdin, and then he felled backwards off the pier and into the water.

Back in the houseboat, Zira heard the horn. He then turned in that direction.

"Hey, hey, Zira," Scar said as he pulled lightly on a newspaper, tugging Melody out, who looked afraid. "Look what I've found."

Zira then began to leave while he looked at his friend. "Forget it, Scar. We gotta go." Zira said.

Scar, not listening to his friend, looked at Melody with an evil glare and smile. "I like my good self," he said, sinisterly. "I love to kill 'em!"

Melody looked really terrified now. She then closed her eyes tightly, and then swiped at Scar with her finger nails, leaving a red scratch mark across his face.This then made him roar in pain as he ran away from him. This caught Zira's attention.

Scar then snarled as he charged at her. Flynn then got in the way. "Get out of my way, brat!" he snarled.

"That's enough, Scar!" Flynn snapped.

And then, everyone else, except for Scar and Zira, then stood in front of Melody, ready to fight. Scar and Zira just kept growling when they heard another horn. Zira then looked in that direction, and then back at everyone else protecting Melody with angry eyes.

"Run along, Zira," Rapunzel told them. "Your master's calling."

"Grr... Come on, Scar," Zira said as he and Scar walked away.

Scar then looked at the gang with anger while clutching his face where he was scratched. "We ain't finished yet, bub! You guys are gonna pay for this, starting with that girl of yours!" He snapped angrily.

Upon hearing that, Melody's eyes widened in fear.

"Oh yeah?" Mowgli said angrily. "Oh, yeah? You really don't scare me, 'cause I'm brave of everything! Come on and say it to my face! COME ON, COME ON, COME ON, COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!" He then ran back to the gang as she spoke proudly. "Yeah, those creeps'll think twice before hassling us, man. Heh heh heh heh." And with that, he and Eric hi-fived again.

"Alright, kid," Flynn said to Melody. She then looked at the rest of the gang. "What'd I tell you, guys? the ol' kingdom thief can really pick 'em, huh?"

She then held out his hand for Melody to slap. But when she made a move, he pulled it away.

The door then flew open, and Aladdin came in, soaking wet.

"Oh... three days..." he groaned.

He then plopped back in his recliners. As he complained, everyone helped him out.

He then sighed as Mr.Turner and Eric put his feet on a footstool.

"How am I ever gonna come up with all that money?" he asked as Mowgli put on his slippers.

"What's the use? I'll never get out from under that maniac," he then said again without hope as Flynn and Rapunzel pulled up a knitted blue blanket around him. "My days are numbered now... and the number is three. It's hopeless."

Mr.Turner then put a slice of pizza in Aladdins's moth, and then he unknowingly bit his slice. Then he looked around, and saw what everyone had done for him.

He then laughed as he swallowed the pizza slice. "Thanks, guys," he said with a smile. Everyone rejoiced as Mr.Turner nudged him.

"Oh, and that reminds me! I saw Scar's muzzle. Who did that?" he then asked.

Flynn then held Melody's hand and pushed her up to him.

Aladdin then saw Melody and smiled. "You? You!" he then said with a smile, laughing while he stroked her hair. "That took a lot of guts, here. We never had another girl in the gang before. We can use all the help we can get!"

Stretching, he then sank back into his recliners.

"All right. Time for bed. We've got a big day, tomorrow," he then said with a yawn.

Mr.Turner then came up with a book in his hands. The book that she was holding, however was a "The Lion King" book.

"Can you read this to us?" he suggested with puppy dog eyes.

"Aww, no," Aladdin said.

"Please?" Mr.Turner then asked, groaning with a frown.

"Oh, alright," Aladdin said chuckling, while Mr.Turner handed him the book. "But just one story tonight. And I know you've got "The Lion King" with you, so, shall I read it to you all?"

Everyone nodded, agreeing with him. And then, after that, Eric brought over a lamp, while Mowgli turned it on.

"And here we go. This will be a good one," Aladdin said, getting ready to open the book. And then now, he began, "One special morning at Pride Rock,all the animals gathered around to celebrate the birth of Simba,the new prince of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi..."

And then after that, the story was over. Also, everyone fell asleep. Aladdin was sleeping in his chair, while Mr.Turner was asleep beside him. Even Eric was asleep next to the chair that Aladdin was sleeping in, too. Also, Mowgli couldn't sleep good on the floor, so her pillow ended up being a comfortable bed for here, along with a blanket. Then Mowgli got on it, and then slept much betterer than before.

Flynn then turned off the lamp, and went towards his own bed with Rapunzel already asleep using her hair as a pillow and blanket. He then got on top of it, and then laid on his side on it.

He then pulled a blanket over himself and fell asleep. But he was then awakened when Melody fell asleep next to him. He then smiled as he fell asleep again.

Chapter 4

"Streets of Gold"

Bright and early the next morning, Aladdin got everyone in a flying carpet, and flew downtown. On the way, as he drove, he explained things to the gang.

"This is the big one. We've got two days to do or die," Aladdin explained to everyone.

That was when Aladdin picked up things. "Flynn, you keep an eye on the new kid. Show her the ropes. I don't want to put any undue pressure on, but..." he then explained to Flynn, who nodded.

The carpet then came to an alleyway as he finished explaining. "As you march off to do your duty..." Aladdin then said, as the carpet landed at the end of the alleyway.

"I want you to keep one thing in mind: Dead men do not buy junk food! So, big smiles, and get out there... and fetch!" Aladdin finished all at once.

At the end of this, everyone except Aladdin got off the carpet. He then flew off in the carpet to go on his own mission.

"All right," Flynn then said to the gang, "If ol' Hades doesn't see some cold, hard cash soon, we are evil clone bait. Come on. We'll start on Collins Avenue." And with that, the gang left the alleyway to find as much money as possible.

"What kind of work do we do, anyway?" Melody asked the guys as they went down the market, later.

"Investment banking, man," Mowgli said, as he took an apple from a box and tossed it to Eric, who caught it and took a bite. "Didn't you read about us in the Wall-Street Journal?"

"Really?" Melody asked in amazement.

"Yep, captains of industry," Eric answered with a smile.

"Can I be one, too?" Melody asked.

"Hey," Flynn then said, "When you got pals, you got all you need."

"Okay, Rider," Melody said.

"We gotta clean you up, child, and give you some on-the-job training," Rapunzel said to Melody. Then she began to sing.

Rapunzel: Oh yeah!

Now listen up,

The gang then came to a crosswalk.

You've got a lot to learn,

And if you don't learn you don't eat

A bread truck then passed by, and hitted a bump. That was when a loaf of bread fell from out of the truck, and it bounced off of Flynn's head. He then caught the loaf, and tossed it to Mowgli. The gang then crossed the street.

But if you're tough,

And always use your head,

Melody then accidentally ran headfirst into a lamp post. Melody then helped herself to her feet.

You'll feel right at home on the street

Melody then walked right next to Rapunzel in a cool way.

When you've got talent, everything is free,

Watch how we do things, ooh, I guarantee

Soon, Mowgli, Eric, Mr.Turner, and except Flynn and Melody, joined in the song as they crossed another street as various cars stopped.

Rapunzel,Mowgli, Eric, and Mr.Turner: You're gonna see, how, the best survive,

We make an art, out, of staying alive,

Melody attempted to cross, but got caught in the middle of the traffic. Luckily, Flynn flew in and saved her. He even managed to get them to where the gang was. They then continued to walk on.

If you do just as you're told,

These are streets of gold

As they saw more sights, Melody smiled.

Every boulevard, is, a miracle mile

Melody then stopped in her tracks and looked terrified at what got right in her path; another dog from yesterday earlier.

You'll take the town, and, you'll take it with style

She then ran for her life from the dog. The dog then came to a halt when the gang, while she hid behind them, snarled at him.

If you play it brave and bold,

The dog then ran off, whimpering. The guys then looked down to see something that made them laugh;Melody was yapping at the dog like a crazy puppy

These are streets of gold

She then stopped, and smiled at her friends. Then, the song ended as the gang ran off, laughing happily. Then, they skidded to a stop and bumped into each other.

"Hello? What do we have here?" Flynn asked with a smirk. He was looking at what it looked like...

"All right! A Chauffer Shuffle!" Mowgli exclaimed gleefully.

Flynn then turned towards the gang. "All right everybody, listen up," he explained.

"Turner, give me a fender-bender at two lights."

"Okay," Mr.Turner said.

"Mowgli, you're in charge of electrons. Blondie and I will work on a crowd. Eric?"

Eric then groaned sarcastically.

"I know," he said, "My public awaits."

"Hey, what about me?" Melody asked Flynn. "What do I do?"

"You help Mowgli," she answered.

"Alright! Come on, girl. Uncle Mowgli will show you how it's done!"Mowgli said as she came over to Melody.

"Ready? Go!" Flynn then said, and they all started on their missions.

Chapter 5

In the Car

Meanwhile, while inside a car somewhere, a sixteen-year-old girl was reading a letter to her guardian, Lawrence. The girl had fair skin, a round face, light freckles, blue eyes, and long curly red hair.She also was wearing a dark green cotton dress and a cape.Her name was Merida.

Lawrence, who was her guardian, and also her personal butler, listened to her as he drove. He was portly, short, obese,he was completely bald, had sideburns, big ears, and had a derby on his head.He was also wearing a suit and cream gloves.And as you all know, Lawrence was that guy.

"Oh, Lawrence, listen to this: "After a little sight-seeing, we left Paris by car for the conference in Rome on Wednesday."." Merida said, reading the letter. Then she read another letter, that read, "Merida, I'm afraid your father and I won't be able... to make it...". She then stopped reading and sighed sadly as she putted the letter down. Her parents had gone out of town for a while.

"Is there anything, wrong, Merida?" Lawrence asked her with concern. "Are your parents alright?"

"They're just staying longer," Merida told him sadly.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure they'll be home for your birthday," Lawrence said, trying to cheer Merida up.

"No," Merida said with a sigh.

Lawrence sighed and then calmly continued to drive along until Mr.Turner rammed his head into the side of the car. To Lawrence and Merida, it just felt like as if they'd hit something.

"Oh!" Lawrence exclaimed.

"What was that?" asked Merida.

"I, I don't know! Now, d-don't be alarmed," stuttered Lawrence. He then accidentally honked the horn. "I'll be right back."

Mr.Turner, rattled from the fender-bender then stumbled away from the car so that Eric could do his part. He then pulled off an amazingly dramatic stunt of making it look like he'd been hit by the car by laying on his back with his left hand on his chest, and his eyes looked like they were rolled back.

"Why me? Today of all days..." Lawrence complained as he got out of the car, not noticing that Melody and Mowgli had snuck into the car.

In the driver's seat, Mowgli took the steering wheel, pretending he was steering the car. "Hey, check it out man! "Beep, beep!" Hey, forget about Ali, let's take this baby to Atlantic City!" Mowgli exclaimed with a smile.

"What have I done?" Lawrence said as people began to gather. "Oh, the poor thing!"

"You oughta be ashamed of yourself!" A woman scolded.

"Harming that poor-" A man started.

"I'm sure he's all right," Lawrence insisted. "Probably just a little stunned." Then he spoke to the "dead" Eric, "Uh, run along now, little fellow. Go on now, shoo!"

Meanwhile, inside the car, Mowgli had just stopped pretending that he was driving.

"Hey, Mowgli, what can I do?" asked Melody.

"Well, uh... Why don't you be a lookout, man?" Mowgli stammered, looking at her. He then spoke in excitement, "Yeah, that's it. Be a lookout!"

"Okay," Melody said happily, but got confused. "What's a lookout?"

Mowgli sighed in annoyance and then said, "Duh! Look, just look out the window. And make sure it's daylight, okay?"

Melody nodded, and then climbed up and looked around. She then saw the divider-window between the front and back seats beginning to roll down.

"Hey. Hey, Mowgli. Hey, uh, Mowgli, I think something's back there!" Melody called out to Mowgli.

"Hey, stop hasslin' me, man," Melody said. "I only got one more wire, okay?"

"But, but-" Melody started as she backed up, but she accidentally turned on the ignition, which shocked Mowgli.

"What's going on here?" Lawrence asked in surprise. Eric suddenly got up, kissed him, and then leapt out of his arms and ran away.

"Let's get outta here!" Flynn shouted as she and the others, except for Mr.Turner, Melody, and Mowgli, ran away.

Mowgli got all shocked and went flying out the window. He then ricocheted off a street light and by two garbage cans, sending a shock up a light post, which fried the bulb that hit Mr.Turner on the head, rendering his conscious again!

Back in the car, Melody had her hand tangled up in a wire. Then, she saw Merida and yelped. Merida then saw her.

"Oh, you poor thing," Merida said in awe. She then started to untie the wire around her foot. "Here, let me help you."

Lawrence then ran to the door, opened it up, and looked at Merida, panting heavily. "Merida, are you alright?" he asked her with concern.

Meanwhile, back with the gang, they came out of their hiding places. They then noticed someone missing.

"Where's the kid?" Flynn asked.

"She must still be in the car, man!" said Mowgli, who looked charred and blackened, with a cough.

"Oh, that poor kid," Rapunzel exclaimed as the car, carrying Melody, drove away.

Flynn looked at the car, and then at Mowgli with angry eyes. "You were supposed to keep an eye on her, Mowgli!" he snapped angrily.

"Yeah. Well, it's hard to watch anything... when you're getting barbecued, man!" Mowgli said with another cough.

"What are we going to do, Eugene?" asked Rapunzel.

Flynn then got an idea. "Mowgli, come with me. The rest of you... Get back to Aladdin." she said. The others nodded, and then they ran off, while Flynn Rider and Mowgli went after the car in hot pursuit.

Chapter 6

At Merida's House

Later, Merida and Lawrence came to a mansion in a rich-looking neighborhood of Tallahassee. As they walked up the steps to the door, Lawrence was trying to tell Merida that she couldn't keep Melody, who was being held by her while he carried a stack of boxes.

"Not really, Merida," Lawrence told her, "We just can't take in a stray orphan off the street."

"But look at the poor thing," Merida said, looking at Melody while she was holding her hand. "She's half starved."

"Well, a little," Melody added.

Meanwhile, Flynn and Mowgli came up to the steps, but then stopped. Actually, Flynn stopped there and hid. Before Mowgli could move another muscle, he then stopped him by grabbing her by the his own cloth.

"Ah, I know you're growing attached to the little fellow," Lawrence said to Merida inside the foyer as he putted an apron on, "But, do try to understand. Your parents let me responsible for you-"

"They won't mind! Really!" Merida told him. She then turned to look at Melody. "Don't worry. I'll take care of you."

"So, what's for lunch?" Melody asked her.

Lawrence then groaned as he went up the staircase.

"Shira is not going to like this," he said about someone else who shared the mansion with them.

Upon reaching another room, Lawrence turned on the light as he spoke.

"Rise and shine, Shira," He said before he left. "Public awaits."

In the room,A saber tooth tiger with gray fur and black stripes,teal eyes,and feather charms on her left ear.Along with her fur in curlers, and her red and pink robe hauling behind her.This must have been Merida's pet, Shira. She strolled over to her heart-shaped mirror and gasped in shock at her appearance. Then she started singing while giving herself makeup.

Shira: Girl, we've got work to do,

Pass me the paint and glue,

She then putted on some white eyeshadow and mascara on.

Perfect isn't easy,

But... it's... me

Then, on "But", she shook her head, sending her curlers flying revealing her short fur along with her tail, and with a light-pink headband. She also pulled her robe off, revealing that she was wearing a red and pink frilly dress and brown shoes.

When one knows the world is watching,

She then put on some rouge on her cheeks while smiling.

One does what one must

Some minor adjustments, darling,

On "adjustments", Shira got out her pink and white fan.

Not for my vanity,

But for humanity

Each little step a pose,

On "pose", she then posed in front of a wall, which had four platinum albums and two gold albums on it.

See how the breeding shows,


Sometimes it's too much for even me

Shira then layed down on a huge couch that was in front of a table that had a bunch of pictures of male saber tooth tigers.

But when all the world says, "Yes",

Then who am I to say, "No"?

She then picked up a picture of a saber tooth tiger and kissed it. She then walked over towards a curtain and behind it.

Don't ask a guy to strut like a show girl,

No, girl, you need a pro

On "pro", she then came out and leaned on the side with a toothy grin. Then, a group of male birds were outside a window on a balcony, looking at her as they whistled the next part. That was when Shira opened the windows.

Not a flea or a flaw,

The birds looked lovestruck at Shira. Shira then held out her paw at them.

Take a peek at that paw,


Perfection becomes me, ne c'est pas?

The birds then zipped inside her room and helped her dress up.

Unrivaled, unruffled,

I'm beauty unleashed,


Jaws drop, hearts stop,

On "drop", one bird's jaw dropped open with a loving sigh. "On "hearts", another bird fell back while holding his chest, although he was smiling in a silly, lovingly way.

So classic and classy,

The birds then went to another window with a balcony to open it.

We're not talking Lassie

On "Lassie", Shira zipped out on the balcony in her same attire; only that she was wearing a really formal, red and pink ballgown-like showgirl outfit.

And ahh...

A few male dogs heard Shira's voice and then ran towards her, lovestruck. And even another boy then brought a rose over to her, who then putted it in her hair.




She then kept on vocalizing, until she sang again.

Though many covet my gold and jewels,

They're barking up the wrong tree,

You pretty boys all over the city,

She then tossed her flower down to the dogs. Even a golden retriever puppy then leapt up, and caught the rose in his teeth.

I have your hearts and you have my pity

Shira then ran back inside her room.

Pretty is nice, but still, it's just pretty,

On the second "pretty", she then tossed away her ballgown-like showgirl outfit off, and then she was back in her normal-looking attire.

Perfect, my dears,

Is meeeeeee!

And then, as Shira sang and held "me", She walked down the steps with the crowd of birds walking down the steps next to her while doing a can-can-esque dance, and then the song ended with them all doing a pose.


Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Merida was making a special entrée of Cocoa Krispies for Melody and Merida was now clad without her cape.

"Wait 'til you taste this," Merida said, mixing the food in a bowl. "It's a recipe I just invented!"

Just then, Lawrence came into the kitchen and saw the mess that Merida had made. "What on earth?" he exclaimed in surprise. He then looked at Merida. "My goodness! Merida! Don't you think a cookie would have sufficed?"

"Nonsense. She'll love this," Merida told him as she looked in Lawrence's direction, referring to Melody.

"Now, young lady," Lawrence began. "I really think we should've waited until your parents..."

But before he could finish his sentence, Lawrence heard something crack underneath his foot. He then lifted his leg up and looked at the bottom of this foot to see that he stepped on an egg; a fact that made Melody chuckle with amusement.

"Oh, bother!" He then complained when he heard the phone ring.

Swan then poured the food into the bowl labeled "Shira". "And for ze girl," she said as she put the bowl of her treat made for Melody and a spoon on the table. "Ze house special, Oeufs a la Merida avec Cocoa Krispies."

"Oh, boy!" Melody exclaimed happily as she stared hungrily at the ice cream-filled bowl.

"Mmm," Merida said with a smile as she licked a dap of the food off her finger before tying a napkin around Melody's neck.

"Merida!" Lawrence's voice called from the other room, "It's your parents!"

"Aye! Wait 'til I tell 'em!" Merida exclaimed with a smile as she ran into the other room, leaving Melody to eat her ice cream.

Meanwhile, in the foyer, Lawrence was talking on the phone with Merida's parents. "Oh, yes, sir, I do assure you everything is absolutely hunky..."

He then stopped talking for a brief minute when he saw Shira heading towards the kitchen. "Shira, I wouldn't go in there if I were you," he told her.

"Uh, everything's fine here..." he continued to speak into the phone as Shira made her way into the kitchen.

"They're going to be so excited!" Merida said excitedly, rushing past Shira towards Lawrence.

"Here she is now," Lawrence said into the phone, referring to Merida.

In the kitchen, Shira entered and then, a shock met her eyes while she gasped. The reason: she saw Melody sitting in a chair, eating ice cream in her own bowl!

"A little girl?" she exclaimed in shock. She then yelled for Lawrence, "What is the meaning of this? Lawrence! Get in here! NOW!" But there was no answer. "I guess I'll have to handle this myself..." she muttered under her breath with a growl, looking at Melody as she walked over to her and climbed on the table.

Melody was just about to have another bite of her ice cream when...

"Hello," A voice said.

Melody then turned around to see Shira. When she saw her, she smiled with a toothy grin.

"Hello," Melody greeted with her toothy grin on.

"I, uh,don't mean rude," Shira then said to her, "But do you know whose BOWL you're eating out of?"

Melody's toothy grin then faded into a worried look when she turned her head a bit to see Shira's name on it, and she then looked back at her. "Yours?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, you're such a clever girl," Shira said with a sarcastic smile and a sarcastic tone. "And do you have any idea whose HOME this is?"

Melody then sweat dropped as she gulped nervously. "I...thought it was Merida's," she responded.

"Well, it may be Merida's house. But everything from the doorknobs down is MINE!" Shira then shouted, which made a wind so strong, that it caused Melody to fall out of the chair. Melody then came into the room.

"Oh, Shira. I see you've met Melody," she said as she walked over to them. "Isn't she cute. I've got great news. Mum and Dad just said I could keep her."

"I'm sure you two are going be the best of friends," Merida told her as she scratched the area behind her ear.

Shira then just chuckled to herself with a devilish smirk while glaring.

Meanwhile, at the pawn shop across town, Flynn and Mowgli came up to the gang in front of it.

"Where's the kid?" Rapunzel asked, looking at them.

"We hightailed her all the way up the park," Flynn told her while panting. "We never had a chance..."

"You should see this place," Mowgli said. "There's got to be... maybe 200 people living there!"

"Guys,we can't let the kid take the heat for us," Rapunzel said.

"Yeah, man," Mowgli replied. "And if we don't get her, they're gonna torture that kid."

"What in heaven's name are we waiting for?" Eric asked.

"But what about Aladdin?" Mr.Turner asked. They then looked into the window where Aladdin was trying to sell a busted old pocket watch.

"Alas," Eric said, "Our belated benefactor, bearing the brunt of our futile incompetence."

"Gimme a break. Speak English, Ernie!" Mowgli yelled.

Eric then growled. "Eric, Eric... ERIC!" He roared in his face.

"All right, calm down!" Flynn scolded. Mowgli then stuck his tongue out at Eric, but then looked away when he looked at him. "Now, we've got work to do. First, we'll spring the kid. Then we'll take care of the old man. All right?"

"Yeah, that's right man!" Mowgli said. "She's family! She's bloooooooooooood!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever," Eric agreed.

"Totally!" Mr.Turner answered.

"Okey-dokey," Rapunzel replied back.

"Okay, troops. Our mission begins at daybreak. Turner, go up to the door. Eric, you're our..." Flynn then said, calling a huddle.

Meanwhile, while back at the house, Merida was getting ready to begin practicing her mandolin skills. But before that, she sat on her chair, hugging Melody. A voice then interrupted her.

"Oh, Merida," Lawrence called in a sing-song voice, "I don't hear any practicing!"

Merida then giggled. "Aye, Lawrence," she called to the other room. She then looked at Melody. "I gotta practice now, Melody."

She then motioned for Melody to step back. She then began playing a tune when she heard something being taken out of. She then turned to where it came from, and saw where it came from. Melody had gotten out another mandolin!

"Oh, you wanna practice, too?" Merida giggled.

"Yeah," Melody answered with a nod.

Then, as Merida began playing again, along with Melody playing the mandolin she just got out when necessary, she then started to sing a little song.

Merida: You and me together we'll be,

Melody then turned the page of the songbook.

Forever, you'll see,

We two can be good company

Meanwhile, Shira was walking down the hall. She then stopped abruptly when she heard Merida singing. She then peaked in the room and then saw Merida singing while playing her mandolin with Melody help. Shira then glared daggers at them with her teeth gritted.

You and me

Yes, together we two,

Shira then scoffed as she resumed walking down the hall. However, Melody and Merida weren't paying any attention to her at all.

Together, that's you

On "you", Merida then pointed to Melody, who nodded in agreement.

Forever with me,

We'll always be good company, you and me,

Yes, together we'll be

Over the afternoon, Melody and Merida hung out together. Meanwhile, while on a lake in the park, Melody then put her hand in the water while Merida rowed the boat they were in.

Later, outside the park, Merida was playing at the gate bars with a branch as she skipped along while Melody ran with her. She then stopped at a couple, who looked at them. Merida then curtsied at them while Melody curtsied at them, too. The couple then patted each other on the head and then continued walking, together.

Later on, Melody and Merida went to Marble Splab Creamery and got ice cream. A bit later, they were now sitting at a table, enjoying their ice cream. Merida got Banana Pudding while Melody got two scoops of Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Birthday Cake.Melody licked some of her Red Velvet Cake until she got some all over her nose. This made Merida burst out laughing for a good five minutes. Luckily, she then took a breath in between laughs.

Next Merida and Melody went to a valley where they did a little archery.Melody tried it a few times and hit a bullseye.This impressed Merida a lot.

Later, they were both riding in a horse-drawn carriage through the park. An hour later, Merida chipped in and got Melody a few presents. The fist present for her was a platinum food bowl with her name on it, the second present for her was a tan bow and arrow set,and the third present for her was a locket. Melody's locket was gold, shaped like a sea-shell,and it was engraved in silver with the name "Melody". And what was also engraved on it was Merida's address.

Melody then felt overjoyed that she got those things, but also had got a new home. Merida then smiled at this. She then felt something feel her. She then turned around to see a very happy Melody, hugging her.Merida then hugged her back.

"Thanks, Merida," Melody said with a smile.

Later that night, Merida(who was now wearing a white night gown)was still singing the song as she went to bed with Melody(who was now wearing a lavender night gown) getting into bed, too.

You and me together, we'll be,

Forever you'll see

We'll always be good company,

you and me,

Just... wait... and... seeeeeeeeeeeee...

Merida then kissed Melody on the cheek.

"Good night, Melody," she said to her before falling asleep.

"Good night, Merida," Melody relied back before falling asleep, as well.

Lawrence, who had been watching with a smile, then turned off the light, and closed the door.

Chapter 7

Sad Moments

The next day, Merida came out of her house. She then called inside to Lawrence and Melody.

"Bye, Lawrence! Bye, Melody!" she called out before being on her way to school by taking a bus there.

Once she had left, Flynn Rider and the gang emerged from the bushes.

"Alright, listen up," Flynn explained to everyone, "We now check this place out. All we gotta do is-"

Then they heard a beating sound. The gang then looked up to see Lawrence in a window, hitting a rolling pin onto his palm. Everyone feared the worst.

"Oh, man! He's dead meat now!" Mowgli groaned.

"I'll handle that ruffian!" Eric said.

Little did they know that Lawrence was actually getting psyched up watching wrestling. Even knowing his demands would never reach the wrestlers, he continued to shout at the TV.

"Body slam! Body slam!" Lawrence yelled. "Oh, come on, you fool! Hit him, HIT HIM!" Then he heard the doorbell ring. "What now?"

Meanwhile, outside, Mr.Turner pressed his finger to the doorbell again when...

"Turner!" A voice said from behind her.

He then looked behind herself to see Flynn there."Get outta there!" he scolded.

"Huh?" asked Mr.Turner, stupidly. He then understood and zipped away as Flynn grabbed him by the hand. That was when Lawrence came to the door and opened it.

"Yes, who is it?" He then asked politely.

"Oh..." Eric groaned as he lied down on a step, pretending he was in severe pain.

"Oh, my," Lawrence said. When he bent down to inspect him, Eric then got up and kissed him on the cheek.

"You!" Lawrence then snapped, recognizing him. "I'll show you, you, you... COME BACK HERE!"

Then, Flynn and the others, except Eric, then rain in through the door and closed it.

"What?" a puzzled Lawrence then asked.

Then, Eric ran past him and inside as well. He then closed the door behind himself.

Inside, the gang was looking at everything in awe.

"Take a look at this place," Mowgli exclaimed, while gawking at the expensive-looking house. "Check it out!"

"Chagall... Matisse... These are all masterpieces!" Eric said in amazement, looking at the paintings.

"Yeah, this place looks pretty nice. I mean, how bad could it be here?" Rapunzel commented.

Meanwhile, Mowgli made himself at home in the living room. He then took a whiff of a cigar that she swiped from it.

"Hey, man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall." he exclaimed with a smile.

"Mowgli!" Flynn scolded. They then noticed that Lawrence was busy rattling the door, trying to get back in. "We're here for the kid, remember? Now let's get her and go!" And then, after when he said that, Flynn and the others, along with Mowgli, then went upstairs.

Meanwhile, in her room, Shira was complaining to herself about Melody and all the attention she had been getting. She then imitated Merida to her reflection while putting her makeup on.

"I love you, Melody. Play with Shira!" she said, mocking Merida. She then growled in anger and mumbled to herself angrily. "I'd like to play with her, alright! The little hair ball! Oh."

She was so mad , now that she squeezed her perfume bottle really hard over and over, making a cloud of perfume. When the cloud cleared, she saw Flynn next to her in her reflection,making one of his world famous smoulders. This made her scream loudly.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Shira cried, climbing up on her dresser while looking at Flynn. "LAWRENCE!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down!" Flynn, easing her in vain.

The dresser that Shira was on eventually tipped over and broke her mirror. Luckily, she got off before she fell down with the dresser.

Meanwhile, Lawrence had just climbed in through the kitchen window. He barely acknowledged a pot that fell on his head. The reason, he was too appalled at the dirty footprints he discovered.

(Back in Shira's room)

"DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" Shira screamed, while her voice cracked as she backed away from Flynn. "I knew this would happen one day..." she then said half to herself.

"You're barking up the wrong tree," Flynn said to her, "It's not you that I'm after."

"It's not?" Shira asked in relief. She then realized the tone she spoke in, and repeated it in an insulted tone. "It's not? Well, why not? What's the problem, spot? Am I not good enough for you? I mean, do you even know who I am?"

She then gestured her paw up to the shelves she had, which had music-oriented awards on them. "Fifty-six red ribbons. Fourteen regional trophies! SIXTH TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION!" she then yelled, which was so loud that it literally blew on Flynn's hair like he was in the wind.

"Oh, and we're all very impressed," Flynn said. She then turned and then said again, "Right, guys?"

Shira then raised an eyebrow in confusion. She didn't know there was more than one trespasser in the house! She then turned around, and then saw the rest of the gang, much to her horror.

When Mowgli saw her as he entered, his eyes became lovestruck by her. "Very impressed," he said as she walked over to Shira while panting like a dog.

"UGH!A man cub" Shira said in disgust.

Mowgli then kissed her paw and he bowed before her. "Allow me to introduce myself," he said to her. "My name's Mowgli!"

"Get away from me, you little BUG-EYED CREEP!" Shira snapped at him so loudly, that Mowgli's hair blew back like it was in the wind. "LAWRENCE!"

Mowgli, still lovestruck by Shira, then sighed happily and fell on his front.

Meanwhile, Rapunzel was looking at one of Shira's handsome male saber tooth tiger pictures. Shira then putted the picture face down. "None of your business!"she snapped.

Then, she then noticed Eric sitting on her bed, eating her chocolates. "And you, tubby, off the bed!" She then saw Mr.Turner sniffing her powder. "Get away from there, you-!"

"Ah-choo!" Mr.Turner sneezed, and a cloud of face powder then exploded into the air.

"Alright, that does it!" Shira yelled angrily while Mr.Turner made an innocent toothy grin. "You yo-yos clear off, and I mean now! LAWRENCE! GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!"

"Relax, champ," Flynn said. "We'll leave a soon as we get our kid."

If you think I'm intimidated by a bunch of flea-bitten dog pound rejects..." Shira started angrily before she realized what Flynn Rider said. She then spoke normally. "Your kid? How stupid of me. You must be the friends she kept talking about."

"Yeah," Flynn answered.

"Shira?" Lawrence's voice then said, startling everyone.

"Something's not quite right here..." Lawrence then said outside Shira's bedroom door.

Lawrence then opened the door and found etoile in bed. She then looked at him with an innocent toothy grin. Flynn and Rapunzel were pretending to be statues, while Eric and Mr.Turner were hiding under her blanket of her bed. On the other hand, Mowgli was hiding behind the other side of the door. Upon confirming that there was nothing wrong, Lawrence then simply shut the door and left.

Everyone then came out of their hiding spots as Shira spoke. "Quick," she said, "Before he comes back. Follow me."

A minute later, they came to Merida's bedroom, where Melody was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

"Look at her" Rapunzel told Flynn. "Eugene, let's just forget the whole thing."

"No, no!" Shira said, sounding desperate. "You can't do that! You don't understand! The poor dear's so traumatized!"

"Oh, Shira!" Lawrence called from down the hall. "What's going on here?"

Shira then let out a panicked yelp, and then picked up Melody up by her hair. "Huh? W-what?" she mumbled.

She was then tossed to Mr.Turner who was holding an empty potato sack, and she was caught in it. "Hey! What's going on? Help, help! I'm being kidnapped!" She then cried over and over, thinking she was being kidnapped.

"Hurry. Use the fire escape!" Shira ordered, gesturing towards the fire escape outside Merida's bedroom window.

The gang, except for Mowgli, who stayed behind, then obliged. Mowgli then leaned towards her with a smirk."There's no time for long goodbyes, but here's something to remember me by." Mowgli said, leaning towards Shira, about ready to kiss her.

Flynn was waiting for Mowgli and heard a smooching sound, and the next thing he heard was what sounded was the sound of someone slapping another person. She then looked towards the fire escape, and saw Mowgli tumbling down the steps, and onto the ground.

The lovestruck Mowgli then stood up, smiling stupidly. She then saw what looked like a red paw mark from a paw on his cheek. "Ooh, I think she likes me, man!" Mowgli said, thinking that Shira gave him a love slap.

He then started to sing stupidly all the way back to the houseboat as he followed behind Flynn.

Mowgli: Oh, I could've danced all night,

I could've danced all night...

Flynn and the gang had supposedly "rescued" Melody.

Later, on the houseboat, the gang were all celebrating their victory of "saving" Melody.

"You were very good!" Eric said with a smile.

Melody then tumbled out of the pillowcase that Mr.Turner held, and onto the floor, totally confused. "Hey, wait. What's going on, you guys?" she asked angrily.

"Oh, just the supposed "rescue" of the century," Mowgli answered unhappily, gesturing with her fingers on "rescue". "Wasn't it awesome the way Ernie handled that butler?"

"Re-rescue?" Melody stuttered.

Eric then chuckled. "I was rather good, wasn't I?" he then said proudly.

"And how about Mowgli and Miss Six-Time National Champion?" Flynn asked, winking at Mowgli.

However,Melody still didn't get it. "Hey, hey, but, wait. I-I-I don't understand you guys..." she babbled.

"Hey," Rapunzel said, kneeling down to her level. "You okay, kid?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Melody started, but was cut off by an overjoyed Mowgli.

"Hey, sure she is!" Mowgli cheered, hugging Melody. "She's back with her Uncle Mowgli!" Then, he gave Melody a kiss on the cheek.

Melody then got free of Mowgli's hug as she stepped backwards a bit. "I was happy there!" she shouted. "Why did you guys take me away?"

Then came silence. No one, except for the entire gang had expected her to say that.

"We rescued you kid," Mr.Turner said. "We... we brought you home."

"But... Well, I, I have another home now. And someone who loves me!" Melody said, slowly.

"What do you mean, kid?" Flynn asked rhetorically. "You're in the gang."

"But, but-!" Melody said while looking at her.

"But the gang means family," he told her, feeling a bit hurt by her words. "We risked a lot to get you outta there."

"Look, I'm sorry," Melody said, still sad and apologetic, "But all I ever wanted was..."

Her sentence then got cut short again. "What? This place is not good enough for you anymore? Don't wanna mix with the riffraff?" Flynn then snapped as his sadness went into a big of anger.

"No, no. I like you. I mean, I like... I like everyone of you but..." Melody said, starting to get a bit calmer. But there was a little girl named Merida. I just wanna go back."

Rapunzel then sighed sadly. "We never should have taken her, Eugene," she said to Flynn sadly.

Flynn, shocked to hear that Melody loved Merida, got a bit more angry.

"Flynn, please..." Melody begged.

"You wanna leave? Fine! There's the door!" Flynn snapped at her, angrily gesturing towards the door.

"But she just got here," Mr.Turner said.

Flynn didn't pay attention to that because she was still glaring at Melody. "Go on! No one's stoppin' ya!" he told her.

Mowgli then came up to Flynn and spoke to her. "Hey, uh, Rider, man, uh, lighten up," he said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

He just swatted Mowgli's hand away really hard. "You lighten up! If she doesn't like it, let her go!" he snapped, leaving Mowgli teary-eyed and shocked by his insult. He then turned her back and hopped into Aladdin's recliner.

Melody looked at all of her companions with a sad look. They then gave her the same look in response. She then looked towards Flynn, and then looked away sadly. She then went up the steps until a familiar saddened caretaker came in. Aladdin stopped right in front of her and then pat her on the head.

"Oh" he said sadly, "It's hopeless."

Flynn then got down from the recliner so he could sit in it, with Melody on his lap. He then pat her on the head again until he felt some sort of band around her.

"Hey, what's this?" Aladdin asked as he looked at the locket around her neck, and then he looked at the name tag to see the address on it.

"So that's where you've been! Looks like you're doing alright for yourself, Melody," he said to her with a smile. "Your owner probably spends more money on cookies and milk... than we do on food in a month. She's probably worried sick about you. All alone in that big house with only her money to comfort her. Only her millions and millions of dollars to-"

Then, Aladdin got an idea. He then laughed as he jumped up and down, yelling excitedly. "THAT'S IT! WE'RE SAVED!" he exclaimed.

He then thought of the idea. "Oh, ho, ho. What a plan, Ah, yes!" he exclaimed happily again while during it after a brief second.

He then picked up a piece of paper and a pen as he spoke. "Uh, paper! Paper! Whoo, it's so great." he then unfolded an ironing board and used it as a table. Then he began to write the ransom note.

"Dear Miss Rich- Aah!" He then started to scratch the word out and started over. "Miss VERY right..." he continued as he chuckled greedily.

Chapter 8

Where's Melody?

Meanwhile, when Merida got home from school, she immediately went inside to play with Melody.

"Melody? Melody!" she called out for her.

She then went up to her room. "Melody, I'm home!" But she wasn't in her room or anywhere upstairs. "That's funny," she said as soon as she came down the steps.

Meanwhile, Shira was watching TV, acting like a ballet program.

Just then, Merida walked up to her. "Shira, could you help me find Melody, please?" she pleaded.

Shira then turned off the TV and jumped off the couch to help Merida find Melody.

"Melody?" Merida called as she searched.

Shira then looked in a fishbowl.

Meanwhile, Merida then searched the foyer on all fours. "Where is she? Melody? Melody!" she called. Then, she saw a note in the mail slot.

She then picked it up and began to read it. "Dear Miss Very Rich Owner Person..." she began.

Meanwhile, Shira walked into the kitchen, happily humming to herself. She then picked up Melody's food bowl and "accidentally" dropped it into the trash.

"Whoops," she said.

Shira then came into the foyer. She then came up to Merida, who was finishing up with the letter.

"...And if you don't bring the money, you'll never see your sister again." Merida finished reading. She then looked shocked as she cried, "Oh no!"

Then, Merida hugged Shira . "Oh, Shira! Something terrible has happened. They've kidnapped Melody!" she told her.

Shira then made some kind of crying sound over her shoulder. "Oh, Shira... you loved her, too..." Merida then said in sympathy, patting her on the head, but she was really snickering.

"Don't worry. We're going to get her back!" Merida then added with determination.

Upon hearing that, Shira gasped in horror.

Chapter 9

At Hade's Building

Later, that night, at the harbor, Aladdin, Melody, and Flynn were standing outside of Hade's warehouse. Actually, Melody had a sheet over her head to disguise herself while Flynn glared at her with his teeth gritted. He was still somewhat angry with her. The three then stopped about two yards from the door.

"This is an airtight plan, Hades. Sweet and simple," Aladdin said, practicing his speech. "I ransom the girl, and you get paid in full tomorrow. I'll even toss in a little extra for your patience. Whaddya say? It's my final offer. Take it or leave it."

He then shook Flynn's hand.

He then went in front of the door. A minute later, a camera came before them. "Yeah, who is it?" Hade's voice snapped from the camera.

From inside his office, Hades was counting his gold coins as he looked at a TV from the camera. The TV then conjured up a displaying Aladdin, who looked nervous, looking directly in it.

"Ail, it's you. Why didn't you say so?" he asked, looking at the TV.

"Oh! Good question. But listen... if you're busy, we can drop by some other time." Aladdin said to the camera, chuckling nervously.

"Don't be silly. Just push the door," Hades said, pushing a red button.

Aladdin nodded, and then walked up to the door. He then pulled his hardest on it.

"I said push!" Hades snapped.

Aladdin then chuckled stupidly. "Oh," he said. He then pushed lightly on the door, and went in.

A while later, the three came into Hade's office, where he was on the phone. Scar and Zira snarled at them while circling them.

"Come in, come in. I shall talk with you in a minute," Hades said as he spoke into the phone.

Stahn then looked at what looked like a model of Hade's car. He smiled when he saw it, and he then fiddled with it a bit until he accidentally broke the side mirror piece off, which made him yelp. He then did his best to put the piece back on the car model until Hades hung up the phone loudly, making him look at him nervously.

"So, Ail. Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make me happy?" he asked with an evil smile.

"Hades. I've got an airtight g-girl... plan... plan!" Aladdin stammered nervously. "It's sweet and simple... the plan."

"Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy," Hades then complained in a sigh.

Scar and Zira then circled the three, snarling as they did.

"Let's just take this from the top," Aladdin then said quickly.

"What... What am I gonna do with you, Ail?" Hades asked.

"I've got this girl here, you see..." Aladdin said.

"Ali," Hades said, "You don't have the money."

He then snapped his fingers. In an instant, Scar and Zira evilly glared at Aladdin. At last, the two lions snarled and leapt onto him. Luckily, Flynn jumped in and kicked them off of him, fighting them off.

Melody then cowered inside of her sheet after looking on as things got more bloody. In other words, Zira scratched down hard on Flynn's eye and body and for him to scream in pain. After that, Scar scratched him across the body, leaving claw marks on his.

"Oh, no, oh, no! Oh, no, no, no! Stop! Please, Hades please! Hades, I'm getting your money tonight! It's coming tonight! Please. It's from a rich girl- I mean a girl from a rich family paying... Ow! They're coming tonight with the money I owe you, uh, to get the girl back!" Aladdin said as he took the sheet off Melody, and placed her on Hade's desk.

When Hades saw her, and vice versa, Melody feared that he would do the worst to her. Just then, he looked towards Scar and Zira, and he snapped his fingers. They stopped beating Flynn up, and Zira scowled at him, and tossed him across the floor. From the looks of her, much to Melody and Aladdin's shock and horror, there were bruises, cuts, and claw marks.

Aladdin then quickly ran over to him, sitting him up. Tears formed in Melody's eyes because he was a great pal to her, too.

Meanwhile, Hades chuckled fiendishly as he looked at the locket around Melody's neck. "Hey, I think there's hope for you, yer! Oh-ho! I'm proud of ya, Ail. Yeah, you're startin' to think big," He said proudly to him as he tossed a treat to his sinister henchman each. "You have twelve hours now, and this time... you'd better not mess this up."

Melody then leapt off the desk and ran over to Aladdin and the injured Flynn. Also he was like the older brother she had never had.

Aladdin then began to leave, along with him picking Flynn up across his shoulder. When he had left, with Melody following close behind them, Aladdin glared at Hades, who just litted another cigar. "And, Ail? This is your last chance." He told him.

Chapter 10

Aladdin Meets Merida

Meanwhile, in the harbor, Merida and Shira (who seemed to be on a leash) were walking along a pier. Merida seemed to be reading a poorly drawn map.

"OK... Left, then right... then turn left when you get to a big propeller?" she said, reading the map. She then then sighed in frustration. "Oh, Shira, I can't read this!"

"It says... No, that... No, that's not right. It's left!" she said. "Oh, Shira, where are we? I think we're lost."

Merida then pulled her leash, making her yelp as she then said to her, "Stick close, Shira. It's creepy down here."

The two friends then ran off to hurry and find Melody and her "kidnapper".

Meanwhile, on another part of the pier, Aladdin was pacing back and forth, worriedly.

"He's late. I drew a perfectly good map!" he said in frustration. "Well, there was a few smudges on it, okay. I went outside the line with a green crayon... but not that much."

Meanwhile, Flynn limped back to her friends. Much to their shock, he was injured with bruises and cuts.

"Oh, Eugene?" Rapunzel asked.

"A child could read that map," Aladdin kept talking.

"Hey, Blondie, they never laid a hand on me," Flynn said smoothly, punching himself lightly on the chest.

"Ooh, wait. What if he comes and he's huge and mean?" Aladdin then asked.

Merida and Shira then came up behind him as he said that part.

"Excuse me, sir," Merida said, tapping Aladdin on the shoulder.

Upon receiving that tap on the shoulder, Aladdin's eyes widened in fear, and he then jumped up, screaming. His fright then caused him to get startled, and then he got tangled up in a fishing net and a few ropes.

"It's the FBI! I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I was framed!" Aladdin yelled.

He then looked in Merida's direction to see her there. The ropes and net then snapped, and he then fell to the ground.

"Listen, little girl, this is a tough neighborhood," Aladdin said to Merida. "You'd better go home."

Mowgli then came over to them, followed by the rest of the gang. He, himself, also while standing behind Aladdin, then made some obnoxiously rude kissing sounds to Shira. She then turned away, rolling her eyes in disgust.

"I can't. I'm lost," Merida told him.

"Aw, gee. Lost. Well, I'd help you, but I'm kind of busy right now," Aladdin then said, looking at the ground.

As he said this, Melody poked her head behind Aladdin's back a bit. She then smiled upon seeing Merida there. He noticed this, and then, he put another sheet on her for hiding.

He then came up to her as he spoke. "What are you doing down here, anyway?" he asked.

"I came to find my adopted sister," Merida answered.

"Your adopted sister?" Aladdin asked in surprise.

"Somebody stole her," Merida explained.

Aladdin then sweat dropped. "Bu-but, uh, are you sure? Maybe you made a m-m-mistake," he said, while looking at the ground in guilt again.

"No, somebody stole her and sent me this note," Merida told him, handing the ransom note to him.

Meanwhile, about five yards from Aladdin and Merida, a familiar car was parked. Inside the car, Hades was watching the scene with Scar and Zira. The twins then each made an impatient growling sound as he calmed them down.

"Easy, boys." he said, soothing them.

(Back with Merida and Aladdin)

"See?" Now I'm lost. I even brought this to get her back," Merida said, taking out a piggy bank. She showed it to the disappointed Aladdin.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! You brought a piggy bank," Aladdin said in disappointment, knowing that a piggy bank money would not cute Hade's budget.

"That's all I have," Merida said with a sad sigh. Shira then nodded in agreement because of that.

"That's awful," Aladdin replied sadly.

"I know. And what kind of a person would steal a poor girl?" Merida asked again.

Aladdin glance at his own feet in guilt. He then perked up. "But I... I mean, maybe she..Maybe she was up against the wall, at the end of her rope!" he replied, gesturing what he said to emphasize his point.

Merida then whimpered as tears formed in her eyes.

"She must have been a poor, desperate girl," Aladdin stated, but Merida interrupted.

"It's still wrong! I'm so scared. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do!" Merida said before she started to cry.

Aladdin, feeling heartbroken, then started to tear up. "Neither do I!" he whimpered.

He then walked a yard away from Merida as she sobbed. He then looked over to see her crying while Shira comforted her,purring on her leg. Aladdin then took off the sheet of Melody, and hugged her. She then gave him a sad look.

Seeing the sad look on her face, he scratched his head, as he looked back to see Merida and Shira leaving. He tried to decide to give it to her, but then had another idea as he dropped her into a nearby box. He then gasped in fake surprise a second later.

"Hey! Guess what?" he called to Merida and Shira, who turned to look at him. He then pushed forward Melody, hiding her from Merida and Shira's view. "I found a lost little girl!"

He then came over to them, still pushing forward Melody. "I don't know, take a look. Maybe she's yours," he said, and on "take a look", he showed Melody to Merida.

"Merida!" Melody exclaimed with a smile.

"Melody!" Merida cried happily. Melody then leapt into Merida's arms, and then they both hugged happily.

She then looked up at her. "Merida, I wanted to tell you this before, and- well- I really love you," she told her.

Merida then just hugged her. "I don't care if you're my sister, I still love you, Melody." she said with a smile."Melody! Oh, my Melody!"

Aladdin, watching this touching moment with a smile then heard something. The car lights came on and the engines, too. "Hades!" Aladdin said quietly. "Hades! I was gonna... Yaaaah!" That was when Hade's car appeared right in beside of Merida. Then, Hades opened the door and grabbed Merida by the arm, forcing her to let go of Melody hard on the ground.

"Hey! Hey, wait! What're you doing?" Aladdin yelled.

"LET ME GO!" Merida shouted at Hades.

"No! No, wait! You can't do this!" Aladdin yelled again.

The car went near him, the window opened, and Hades then grabbed him by the collar, saying, "Keep your mouth shut. Consider our account closed!" he snapped, pushing him on the ground.

He then drove off with Merida, whom Hades still had. Aladdin then tried to go after him, but he was all tied up and yelled, "Stop! Stop! Time out!"

Flynn, Rapunzel, Eric, Mr.Turner, and Mowgli, along with Shira, then ran over to Melody. "Wha... what happened?" Melody said, weakly getting up.

"You okay, kid?" Flynn asked with concern.

"Merida..." Melody then gasped. "They took Merida!

"Don't worry. We'll get her back," Flynn said.

"You... you will?" Melody asked her.

"Hey. Absolutely, kid," Flynn replied, winking at her.

"Come on man, let's go! Come on!" Mowgli exclaimed. "Let's get 'im, man!"

"All right... let's do it!" Flynn shouted.

The gang then ran off to Hade's warehouse to save Merida. Shira then followed after them. Aladdin then noticed that they were all running off.

"Wait! Come back! Stay, sit! Wa-wait!" he scoled loudly as he got onto his carpet, and started it up. "Come back!"

Chapter 11

Rescuing Merida

A while later, Melody and the gang came to Hade's hideout. The gang, besides Eric and Mowgli, were looking at the side of the place.

"Oh, man. It don't look good," Mowgli said. "It's all locked up, Rider."

"All right. There's gotta be some way in," Flynn replied. "Yeah, Eric..."

Meanwhile, inside, Hades tied Merida's hands behind the chair with a rope, and really tightly as she whimpered. The reason: she was scared that Scar and Zira would harm her.

"Now, don't cry, little girl," Hades said calmly. "They only hurt you when I tell them to!" He then chuckled evilly because of that.

Back outside, the catapult was just finished, courtesy of the gang. Melody then put on a football helmet before hopping into the catapult's basket. It also had a headset with a little camera and microphone on her head underneath the helmet.

"Eric, you all set?" Flynn then asked.

"Farewell, Dulcinea!" Eric then said dramatically, playing it off like he was some big-shot performer.

"Eric..." moaned Flynn.

"ERNIE!" Rapunzel, Mr.Turner, and Mowgli yelled back, replying angrily in annoyance.

"Peasants!" Eric then huffed because of that.

Flynn then looked at Mowgli. "Maestro?" he asked.

Mowgli then nodded, and made the sound of a drum roll with a huge trash can, along with using his fists as drumsticks.

"Ready, Melody?" Flynn asked again.

"Yep!" Melody said, holding her football helmet.

"GO!" Flynn then cried.

Then, Eric leapt down on one end of the catapult, launching Melody. She then went flying in the air and through the window.

Inside the hideout, Hades heard what sounded like a football helmet falling to the floor. He then looked towards Scar and Zira.

"My boys..." he ordered.

Meanwhile, in another part of the area, Melody was walking quietly through after she took the football helmet off. She then heard and saw that Scar and Zira were coming.

She then hid behind a couple of crates from their view. Unlucky for her, she stepped on a bubble wrap, making a little popping sound. This caught the twins' attention, and they then came in that direction. Melody, running out of idea, then picked up a piece of wood, and tossed t at a metal canister, distracting Zira.

"Come on, Scar!" Zira ordered.

Scar then looked in that direction and followed his mate. Melody then let out a sigh of relief, and she continued.Soon, she came to the door and keyhole. She then whipped out a skeleton key out of her pocket, and then putted it in the keyhole, turning it. After that, an unlocking sound was heard.

The door opened, and she would have gone in until Kira yelled, "Hey, hey, hey! There's a lady present!" She then stepped aside, making the "ladies first" gesture to Shira.

She then chuckled. "Well, it's nice to see that one of you have some manners," she said with a smirk, leaving everyone with both a deathly glare and a scowl towards her.

"After you, my juicy little mango," Mowgli said to her with a smile as she went in.

Eric then rolled his eyes at this. "Good grief!" he then complained.

Later, the gang was coming down a few steps into the hideout.

"Okay guys," Flynn said quietly to the gang. "And remember, quiet!"

Then, they all got startled by a shrill and defining scream, which drew Scar and Zira's attention. Everyone turned to face Shira. "Uh... I broke a claw!" she whimpered, showing the gang her broken claw.

"Oh, balderdash," Eric muttered under his breath.

Mowgli had obviously heard him, and came right in his face. "What'd you call my woman, man?" she demanded angrily.

"Freeze!" Flynn exclaimed, and she and the gang then froze when they saw a security camera there in the corner.

"Yo, Mowgli." he whispered to Mowgli.

"Right. I'll check it out." Mowgli said with a nod as he jumped up and found a wire to the camera and took it off, literally giving her a bit of a shock, but after a second, the camera got turned off.

Meanwhile, back in his office, Hades was on the phone while Merida got focused on getting herself untied. "Yeah. Oh, that's funny, Mr. Lawrence. But I don't think you really appreciate the situation. Somebody could get hurt. Just get the old man on the phone and tell him about his daughter... Merida." he said into the phone.

Swan then looked up at the TVs to see it conjure and image of Melody walking behind Flynn. She then smiled because she knew that her sister was safe.

Two minutes later, the gang was overlooking the scene.

"Listen up," Flynn said to the gang, but too loud for Hades and Merida to hear. He then began to explain things. "Mowgli, Eric, I want you..." he said before he started whispering to the gang.

About a few minutes later, Scar sniffed something. "You smell that?" he asked his mate.

Zira then sniffed, and chuckled evilly. "Yeah. Heh-heh! It's party time!" She said with an evil smirk at the same time as they both walked off.

Meanwhile, Mowgli put on a pizza delivery guy outfit and Mr.Turner handed her an empty pizza box. Then, they, along with Eric, Rapunzel, Flynn, and Melody went up to the door that led to Hade's office, and Mowgli knocked on it.

"What the...?" Hades asked in annoyance, looking at the door. From outside the door, Mowgli held the pizza box up so the he could see it. Luckily, he didn't see his face because his hat was shadowing it.

He then picked up his gun, loaded it up, and walked towards the door. "I didn't order any pizza..." he said.

"Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!" Mowgli then exclaimed to everyone else as she tossed the pizza delivery boy outfit away.

They all then leapt behind some carts and boxes. Then, Hades came out of the door, and went to find the "pizza man".

"Where are those two lackeys?" he asked.

Then, as he walked off, they all then snuck into the office.

In there, Merida sighed sadly. Then, she heard a familiar voice. "Merida!" She then looked around, and then saw something that made her smile. "Oh, Melody! I thought I'd never see you again!" she exclaimed happily, as Melody leapt onto her lap and hugged her.

Meanwhile, in another part of the hideout, Eric, Mowgli, and Mr.Turner were shouting because there, they saw that Scar and Zira were in front of them.

"Ahem... gentlemen," Eric then greeted nervously with a nervous toothy grin.

"What's the occasion? Come to rescue your little cutey friend?" Zira asked, referring to Merida.

"Say goodbye, prince-boy!" Scar said evilly to them.

They were about to attack when a female voice called down to them. "Oh, boys!" Then, the mates looked up to see Shira there.

Then, she tossed a huge brown cloth over them, causing them to get trapped. "Whoopsie-daisy!" she exclaimed with a giggle and a toothy smirk.

"All right! What a woman!" Mowgli exclaimed.

the rest of the gang then ran off towards Hade's office, and went inside. In there, Mowgli closed the door shut and locked the door. After that, a little locking sound was heard.

"Eric, you keep an eye on the monitors," Flynn ordered to Eric, who nodded and he leapt into Hade's chair and watched the TVs. "Blondie, over here."

Then, Rapunzel went over to the chair Merida was in, and she got to work on the ropes. Flynn then looked around the room for an idea.

Meanwhile, Hades came up to Scar and Zira, who were still trapped. "What is this, a slumber party? Get going, you little wimps!" he snapped, releasing them from their restraint. The three then went off back to his office.

Back in Hade's office, Flynn came over to Hade's desk. "Eric, is the coast clear? Eric!" she scolded, seeing that Eric was watching a ballet on one of the TVs. She then quickly whacked at the base of the TV in annoyance, and an image of Hades and the two lions coming down the hall at an alarming rate was conjured up.

"What're we gonna do, Eugene?" Rapunzel asked.

Flynn then looked up at a mechanical pulley. "Yo, Mowgli, hot-wire." she ordered.

Mowgli then looked at the mechanical pulley, and he scowled. "Hey, no way, Flynn, man. I've been barbecued too many time, man," he said, beginning to walk away.

"Good luck, Mowgli," Shira said, drawing his attention.

"Huh?" Mowgli asked.

"I'll be waiting." Shira said again, batting her eyes.

Mowgli then smiled and nodded.

Mowgli: Hey...

Hi-ho, hi-ho,

It's off to work I go...

he sang as she flew and leapt onto a large pile of boxes and slowly climbed up to the mechanic part of the pulley.

Just then, Hades had come to the door of his office and began to try to open the door. He then began to grow angry because the door was locked. "What is this? All right, girlie. Open the door," he said from outside as Mowgli got the plugs ready.

"Come on now," Hades hissed as he began to bang on the door. "Girlie, I'm warnin' ya!"

Flynn, a bit worried, looked up to where Mowgli was. "Come on man cub," he said with an impatient growl.

Then, Mowgli plugged in one of the wires, and the pulley was activated and it went to where Merida was and grabbed onto the chair.

"COME ON!" Flynn yelled, as he, the gang, along with Melody and Shira, clung to the chair as it quickly was lifted into the air just as Hades and the lions came in.

Growing annoyed, Hades thrusted his gun into an electric box, and sent the chair crashing down onto a long ramp. The gang then slid down the ramp and yelled out like they were having a heck of a time. They then gasped when they landed at the end and there was fright in their eyes.

The reason: Hades was blocking their only exit. "This has all been very entertaining. But the party is over," he said with an evil smile. He was then ready about to snap his fingers when...

A familiar carpet busted through the window. The doors then opened, and the gang saw Stahn at the wheel.

"Ow-oh-oh-ow! Uuh! Come! Come on, come on! Let's go!" he exclaimed. The gang then nodded as they all got onto the carpet.

"Ali!" Hades scolded.

The carpet then zoomed out of the hideout. Meanwhile, as Scar and Zira chased the carpet along the highway, Mowgli could not help but make fun of they as he looked out the back part of the carpet.

"Heh-heh! Hey, man, you're ugly! And you're uglier than him!" Mowgli shouted to Zira. "And you're ugly, Part 3! Hey, you're Revenge of the Ugly!"

He then laughed at their own jokes. Unfortunately, their laughter died down when they saw a familiar car zooming towards them. Soon enough, the chase for dear life was on!

Chapter 12

Pursuit Through the Metro rail

Soon, the gang was racing down the street, followed by Hade's huge car. Aladdin then made a huge turn down a fleet of steps that led to the metro rail underground. As the carpet went down the steps, Shira looked out the back and freaked out. Aladdin then looked out the back, and they too, freaked out. The reason: Hade's car was racing after them down the steps.

Aladdin then drove the van onto the tracks, as the van then flew down on the metro rail lane very quickly, and then on to the tracks.

Hades then drove his car onto the tracks. He then pulled the lever to the "2" notch, making the car's wheels spin until the tires were shredded, and the car skidded down the tracks in hot pursuit.

Two minutes later, the gang saw Hade's car following after them. All the gang started yelling angrily at it. Just then, the car rammed the back of the carpet, rattling it, which caused Merida to fall out as she screamed.

"MERIDA!" Merida cried.

Merida then landed roughly on the windshield of Hade's car. Just then, Hades broke the window with his hand and grabbed her by the arm.

Melody then became determined, and she leapt right onto Hade's arm. Just then, she thrusted her teeth into his arm, which made him scream in pain. He then tossed her into the backseat, where she sat up and shook her head. She then yelped after looking up because she saw Scar and Zira there, who glared evilly at her with sinister smiles.

From the carpet, Flynn looked terrified, but he then looked determined as he leapt into Hade's car in the backseat, and whacked Scar out through the side windows.

She then saw that Zira was about to attack Melody. She then head butted the coyote out the back window. Then, the two were on the back bumper with her holding on for dear life. Zira then thrusted his own head forward, and grabbed him by the vest with his teeth. As Flynn hung on, with Zira struggling, the vest began to rip. Then, in a quick second, his vest got torn right off of him, and Zira fell off onto the tracks, taking the collar with him.

Flynn then felt around his own shirt where his vest used to be, and he then scowled as he looked towards where Zira used to be. Just then, she heard a familiar Scar cackling evilly. He then spun around, only to be pinned down by him. Scar then held his head towards the tracks, beginning to scrape it with electricity.

Scar opened his right paw, on which his claws sharpened. He then was about to swipe at Flynn to kill him when...

"NO!" Melody shouted as she charged at him, and she whacked at him with a powerful push. This powerful push caused Scar to fall off of the car, leaving her in midair. She would have fallen off the back and to her death, but luckily, Flynn grabbed her, and held onto her.

Just then, the two vehicles came onto a bridge. Merida, who was free of Hade's grasp, was on the hood, and she was holding on for dear life as she held her hand out for Aladdin to grab it. "Ali! Ali, help me!" she cried with panic in her voice.

"Merida! Hang on!" Aladdin cried as he tried to reach her hand.

Mowgli then looked at the unoccupied controls of the carpet, as he grinned a devilish toothy grin. "All right! Check it out!" he shouted happily as she took tassels and made racing car sounds.

Just then, Hades grabbed onto Merida's leg, making her scream in fright. "HELP ME!" she cried.

Shira, looking horrified, turned to see a subway train coming their way, this made the guys, besides Hades and Merida, scream in alarm.

Shira then grabbed onto Mowgli's neck, and held onto it for dear life. "Aah! Save me! SAVE ME, MOWGLI!" she screamed.

Mowgli then shook Shira off his neck, and grabbed the tassels again. "Hey, get off my back, tiger woman! I'm driving!" he snapped angrily before he steered the carpet.

"LET ME GO!" Merida snapped at Hades.

She then slashed at his arm as Melody and Flynn leapt onto his head. This made him roar in pain.

"Merida, jump!" Aladdin shouted.

Merida then leapt onto the carpet as Aladdin grabbed her with the gang just as the metro train came closer, making Shira horrified and shouted, "MOWGLI!" Mowgli steered the carpet to the bridge top while Hades then grabbed Melody and Flynn, and threw them. He then looked up, got shocked when he saw the train, and he got ran over him and sending his car into the river.

On the bridge, the gang, along with Merida, landed on the middle of the bridge. They then exited the carpet, with Mowgli bringing a horrified Shira (who was hanging on to his arm for dear life) as they came over to what happened to Hades.

Then, Merida began looking around for Melody and Flynn in that area. "Melody?" she called.

Just then, they heard some footsteps coming their way. Everyone turned to see Flynn Rider, vest less and messy-bodied as he limped over to them while dragging his right leg. In his arms, he was carrying what looked like Melody, dead.

When Merida came over to her, she handed her motionless body over to her. She then looked over Melody, then at her. She looked sadly at her, and then up at Melody with tear-filled eyes. Merida then held her close, buried her face into her body, and she started to cry.

Melody slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the weeping Merida. She then put her right hand on her left cheek. She then stopped crying, and looked at Melody.

"Merida..." she said with a weak voice as she smiled.

"Melody?" Merida asked, and then smiled with tear-filled eyes; only these were tears of joy. "MELODY!" she cried happily before hugging her, who exchanged hug.

Flynn then smiled. She then came forward as she hugged him. Everyone, who was heartbroken by the scene, smiled as they came over to her.

Mowgli then looked around and saw Shira looking horrified and messy-bodied slowly letting go of the carpet tassels and flew down to her front, sighing and panting heavily.

Chapter 13

Farewells to Melody

That following day, on the now-finally arrived day.The entire gang was invited to Merida's birthday party. Luckily, they had all recovered from the terrors of last night. At the party, Aladdin and Lawrence were singing this song (thus along with everyone else providing back-up vocals along with it as it if were a barbershop quartet song).

Aladdin and Lawrence: Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Merida...

Happy birthday to you!

"And many more..." Aladdin then finished.

"Now, make a wish, Merida." Lawrence said.

With that, Merida blew out the candles quickly, and everyone clapped and cheered.

"All right, anybody want some cake?" Merida asked.

"I DO!" Mr.Turner exclaimed, holding up her hand.

Merida then giggled. "Okay, Turner. But not the whole thing."

Eric then cheered with a smile, but then frowned when he heard some music in the background. He then scowled as he cleared in the other direction to see Mowgli and Shira dancing to the song Mowgli was dancing to back in the boathouse earlier a few days ago on a boombox.

"You got it now, baby! Yeah, left foot, right foot. All right! Check it out! There you go. Relax, hey!" Mowgli instructed.

Shira then chuckled. "Oh, Mowgli, you dance divinely," she said.

Later, in the kitchen, Aladdin and Lawrence were getting psyched up by a wrestling match on the TV.

"Come on! You can do it!" Lawrence yelled at the TV.

"He's cheatin'!" Aladdin also yelled at the TV. "BODY SLAM! BODY SLAM!"

Just then, Lawrence head the phone ring. He then picked it up while calming down in the process. "Donaldson residents? Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Danaldson? Well, my goodness! You're back tomorrow?" Oh, she'll be very happy to see you!" he exclaimed, though he didn't sound too excited about it. "Yes, goodbye, sir."

With that, Lawrence hung up the phone. He then looked back at the TV and got psyched up again by the wrestling match. "HIT HIM! C'MON! MURDER HIM!" he roared.

Just then, the one Aladdin was rooting for had bodyslammed the one Lawrence was was rooting for onto the floor, winning the match.

"Ha ha! I believe you owe me... 10 bucks, yo!" he exclaimed.

Albert just rolled his eyes and handed Stahn a hundred dollar bill.

"Where is that cheque-book? Oh, look at the time. Well, heh-heh, we better be goin'." Aladdin said with a chuckle as he left for the living room.

"Indeed," Lawrence agreed.

In there, Merida was opening the birthday presents that the gang had given her. "Eric, Rapunzel, Mowgli, vamanos! The sky's are calling!" Aladdin exclaimed.

"Now, Merida, have we forgotten anything?" Lawrence asked.

Merida then realized something. "Aye. Thank you, everyone. The gifts were great." Merida exclaimed to everyone with a smile as she stroked the hair on top of Flynn's head. He was now wearing a new blue vest of his old one.

"Bye, Ali, and thank you," Merida said to Aladdin.

"Oh, goodbye, Merida," Aladdin responded.

Merida then hugged him as he looked at her with a smile. He then broke up the hug as he said, "Come on, guys! It's time for us to go."

A bit later, the gang said their goodbyes and walked off. Mowgli almost left, but Shira took his hand. "Oh, Mowgli, could I see you for a moment... privately?" Shira asked.

"Privately? Ooh!" Mowgli said as he followed her up the stairs.

"Coming, Mowgli?" asked Etoile.

Mowgli then looked towards the others. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! You guys beat it. Uh, my baby and I, uh... we gotta talk." With that, he followed her up the steps.

"You know, you're not so bad for a little bug-eyed creep. With a little grooming..." Shira began.

"Grooming?" Mowgli asked, nervously chuckling with a silly toothy grin. "Well, uh..."

"That's it! We'll start with a bath!" Shira then exclaimed smoothly as she continued up the stairs.

"BATH?" Mowgli asked, now more confused than ever.

Outside, the gang was saying their farewells to Melody.

"Bye-bye, kiddo," Mr.Turner said to Melody, who gave her a hug.

Melody then hugged him back. He then smiled and kissed her cheek about a dozen times, which made her laugh. "Okay, Turner. I'll miss you, too." she said with a smile.

"Oh, Melody, we shall meet again," Eric said dramatically to Melody as he left.

Rapunzel then hugged Melody. "Hey, see you around, Melody," she said with a smile.

"Goodbye, you guys," Melody then said, exchanging the hugs.

The gang (except Flynn and Mowgli) then got onto the carpet. Flynn then stretched and leaned against the wall. "Listen, kid, ahh, you just want to hang out or anything..." he began before...

A male voice could be heard screaming. The two looked in that direction to see a dark-blue blur running out of the doors and right up to Flynn. The blur then cleared up to reveal itself to be Mowgli, dressed up in a Donald Duck outfit. He then crouched behind her in a scared way. "Aiee-hee! Hey, Rider, man! Do you see the tiger anywhere?" he asked in alarm.

"Hey, whoa!" Flynn exclaimed with a devilish smile.

Melody then just basically laughed as she covered her mouth.

"Man! I can't keep this woman off o' me! Man, I gotta get away from that chick..." Mowgli shouted as she began ripping the Donald Duck outfit off.

"Moooowwwwgggllliii!" Shira called from her balcony while smiling.

Upon ripping the suit off himself, Mowgli then looked up at Shira and screamed. He then shook Melody's hand. "Uh, goodbye, Melody. Hey, you guys, wait for me, man!" Mowgli shouted, running off after the carpet.

Shira then growled with frustration. "Mowgli Lara la Bloomfield Hill Daidohji, you come back here this minute!" she yelled angrily from her balcony.

"Hey, whoa, kid. Do you think you can handle the champ?" Flynn asked.

"Sure," Melody then answered, holding out her hand to get a low-five as she smiled.

Then, he was about to give her five, but she just pulled her hand back and smiled.

"Hey! You're okay... for a orphan." Flynn said with a smirk. He then began to walk off, and stopped right next to her. "We'll keep a spot open for ya in the gang... Vice president, uptown chapter."

Flynn then came to the curb, and she looked back at Melody. "Later, kid." she said, waving at him before jumping onto the roof of a bus.

As Melody looked on with a smile, Flynn winked at her with a toothy grin. He then began to sing.

Flynn Rider: Why should I worry?

As Flynn sang, Merida came out next to Melody, and they then waved goodbye to him. "Bye! Bye!" they exclaimed with big smiles.

Lawrence then came up to them as he spoke. "What a delightful scoundrel," he commented.

Tell me! Why should I care?

Say, I may not have a dime,

Just then, Rapunzel hopped on top of the roof of the bus. She then began to sing along with Flynn.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel: But we got street savior-faire

Why should we worry?

Then, Eric and Mr.Turner climbed up onto the roof as they began to sing.

Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Eric, and Mr.Turner: Why should we care?

We may not have a dime,

But we got street savior-faire

They then heard what sounded like Mowgli singing. They looked in that direction to see Mowgli on top of a police car, playing the lights like they were bongos.

Mowgli: Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

It's just bebopulation,

He then hopped onto the bus's roof, and danced along.

We got street savior-faire

Flynn then looked to their right to see June and Jane in the car next to them. Flynn then cocked his eyebrows before Rapunzel tugged him away by the shirt with her hair. The entire gang then jumped from car roof to car roof as he continued singing.

Flynn Rider:The rhythm of the city,

But once you get it down,

Then you can own this town,

Flynn Rider, Mowgli, Eric, Mr.Turner, and Rapunzel: You can wear the crown

The gang then leapt into the van and inside as Aladdin flew off, back to their home.

Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

We may not have a dime,

But we got street savoir-faire

Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

It's just bebopulation,

And we got street saviore faire

Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

And even when we cross that line,

We got street saviore faire

Whoo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo,

Whoo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo-hoo,

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo-hoo!

And as the song came to an end, we now zoom out of Tallahassee,Florida until it faded to black. Thus, the story comes to a grand finale end after when it does that.